Bernhard Rohrbacher

Barbara S. Chapman and Christopher Druzgalski v. California Faculty

Rothner, Segall & Greenstone by Bernhard Rohrbacher, Attorney, for
California Faculty Association.
Attorney Bernhard Rohrbacher
Bernhard Rohrbacher and Michael Hersh represented
Virginia "Gina" Boyd and Tim O'Neill in the Maura Larkins
case.  Their goal was to prove that
CTA did not help the
school district violate the law.
Chula Vista Elementary School District filed this motion to
prevent its lawyers from being NAMED AS DOES in an
OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE complaint.  Neither CVESD nor
CTA were defendants in the case, so why were they so
anxious for the suit to be dropped?

Maura Larkins'
response to this pleading

SDUT article regarding indemnifying lawyers

Stutz law firm is favored by SDCOE-JPA
Diane Crosier
The pleading was filed by Daniel Shinoff, Jeffery Morris, Kelly
R. Angell of Stutz law firm on behalf of Chula Vista Elementary
School District board members Cheryl Cox,
Pamela Smith,
Patrick Judd, Larry Cunningham and
Bertha Lopez, and CVESD Superintendent
Lowell Billings and Assistant Superintendent Tom Cruz in
March 2005.
Lawsuit Against Chula
Vista Educators
and former President
Gina Boyd 2007
CTA Lawyers
Teachers Association of Long Beach
Headquarters Address:

4362 Atlantic Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90807
Phone:  (562) 424-9352

The Teachers Association of Long Beach represents 5,000 members in the
city's school districts. ... 2002-2005 CDC Contract.

Web References
1. Press-Telegram -
Teachers union sues LBUSD

Published on: 8/1/2006   Last Visited: 8/2/2006

The Teachers Association of Long Beach claims the district breached the
collective bargaining agreement and is seeking compensation for 29 affected
teachers during the period 2001 to 2005, said the union's attorney, Bernhard

Although the schedule change did not extend the school day, it did make
teachers responsible for additional students, causing the educators to spend
more time outside school grading papers and preparing lessons, Rohrbacher

"The bottom line is the district did something unilaterally to increase the overall
workday of the teachers" without providing additional compensation, he said.
Rohrbacher said the contract states that middle- and high-school teachers
historically have worked six periods daily, one of which is a conference period
that teachers use to plan lessons, grade papers,
Likewise, teachers forced to teach an additional class beyond the conference
period should get more money, Rohrbacher said.

"When (teachers) teach during the conference period, they have to spend
more time at home grading," he said.
Although the school's schedule change occurred before 2001, the union is
prevented by the statute of limitations from seeking damages that occurred
before that year, Rohrbacher.
Schoolhouse Lawyer Helped Hire His Overseer
Other cases
Oct. 11, 2004
Gina Boyd

"I don't know"        25 times
"I don't remember   35 times
(or recall, etc.)"                
Quotes from Deposition:
Is this union leader
incompetent--or is she
committing perjury?

[Page 79
Maura Larkins:]  

Were you curious as to
what my behavior might
have been that c
aused them
to fear for their lives?

[Gina Boyd:
(long pause)]  

I guess...I don't know...

[Maura Larkins

You weren't drivingly
curious as to why teachers
were concerned that
another teacher might kill

[Stutz law firm Atty. Kelly

Objection.  Asked and answered.

[Maura Larkins
...Were you curious about it--the
results of his investigation?

I don't know whether he ever
completed it, frankly.

Q.  Did you ask him?

A.  No.


Q.  Were you concerned about
the safety of teachers at Castle

A. I'm concerned about the
safety of all my teachers...

Did any teacher ever tell you
that he or she feared that I
might kill him or her?


[Page 81, line 19]

...Did you believe that I had
behaved in a manner that
threatened the lives of others?


Did you think these two people
had lied?


[Page 84, line 12, 10:23]

If there is any explanation for
your behavior other than the
explanation I have given in my
complaint, I want to know
about it.  I don't want to be
surprised in court.]

Gina Boyd forbids member to make ethics
complaint--about Gina Boyd
Mr. Rohrbacher worked on the case with Stutz, Artiano
Shinoff & Holtz lawyers and Deborah Garvin.  
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