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Run for San Diego County Sheriff in 2010
In March 2009 Mr. Bejarano announced his intention to run.  In August 2009 Mr. Bejarano was appointed
police chief of Chula Vista, and decided not to run for sheriff.
Fagen, Friedman,
Congratulations to La Mesa Councilwoman Ruth Sterling for opposing (from the start!)
sending the abusive letter to Chris Tanner.
The taxpayers are paying for the La Mesa City Attorney, but like SDCOE lawyers, he is acting like a
personal attorney for those who have obtained power, rather than the attorney of the citizens of La
Mesa.  Shame on Mayor Art Madrid and councilman Ernie Erwin for not apologizing to Mr. Tanner when
the rest of the City Council agreed that the letter was wrong.
Horowitz Website
Take a Lesson from Sempra
An Open Letter to the CVESD
School Board
January 6, 2005
Sempra shares went UP three
percent yesterday after the
company settled lawsuits
accusing it of bilking billions
from the people of California.
CVESD would do better if it
turned over a new leaf, and
In the 90's, the CVESD school board
brought in top administrators from

(Rick Werlin) and
Seattle (Libia Gil)
who neither knew nor cared about Chula
Vista and its children.  

These administrators were enforcers for a
policy the board wanted to initiate: a new
hostile attitude toward teachers.

It's past time to get rid of Patrick Judd and
Pamela Smith, and Larry Cunningham.
If we want to fix
schools, we have to
suspend our
allegiance to
politicians on BOTH
who care more about
personal power than
they care about the
education of children.
"The pure arrogance, self-importance and imperial attitude...are beyond the pale."

Is this a description of the Chula Vista Elementary School District Board?  

The actions described by Ronald G. Eberhardt
(SDUT letters Feb 24, 2006)
Maura Larkins' lawsuit and
PERB (Public Employment Relations Board) complaint.


Threatening letters (like the one described in the article above that mayor Art Madrid
and the La Mesa City Council sent to Chris Tanner) are the sort of frank, open
communication that CVESD avoids.  

The La Mesa action was abusive and contemptuous of American values, yes.  But La
Mesa has not mastered the art of intimidation.  

There is some indication that  the SDCOE might be trying to clean up the JPA and the
problem of indemnification of lawyers.  

All the members except Bob Watkins, that is.  Watkins is clearly working to keep the
status quo.  He nominated Rick Winet, even though he knew of Winet's conflict of
interest regarding SDCOE lawyers.  Or perhaps Watkins nominated Winet BECAUSE of
Winet's conflict of interest!  

I suspect that
Ernie Dronenburg may have resigned because he didn't want to deal with
the problem.

And unlike Chris Tanner, I would be delighted to be sued for defamation.  SDCOE and
CVESD spend millions of taxpayer dollars to hide  illegal acts.  I would be thrilled to
have my allegations  brought before a judge and jury.

How about it, Pat, Larry and Pam?  
Why so silent, Cheryl and Bertha?

Maura Larkins
Note to La Mesa City Council members who supported letter to Chris Tanner:

You don't like to be accused of wrongdoing when you feel you don't deserve it?  

I don't blame you.  
But you might want to be careful that you don't do exactly the same thing that you felt was done to
you.  I've heard that one of you has been throwing around some nasty allegations of his own in an

Please, let's keep malicious partisanship out of our schools!  Remember, corrupt Republicans hurt the
Republican party as well as hurting all the rest of us.  Don't support them!
Are There Significant Differences
Between CVESD and La Mesa?

Maybe, but...

1. CVESD has not apologized for abusive tactics,
La Mesa might not have apologized either, if the Union Tribune had not exposed its
abusive tactics.

2.  SDCOE  is much more powerful than the City of La Mesa.  Its lawyers are connected
to CSBA and its Council of School Attorneys.  The San Diego Union Tribune  ONLY

3.  Has La Mesa named any schools after DEVELOPERS?  
Believe it or not, CVESD did: Corky McMillan Elementary.
There is far more evidence
that the Board of CVESD knew
that justice was being
obstructed and the law and
contract were being violated
than there is that Ken Lay of
Enron knew those things about
his company.  Maura Larkins
informed board members
directly that the law was
being broken, beginning in
December 2001.

Is Ken Lay guilty?

Is the board of CVESD guilty?
January 6, 2006

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders
says that the dishonest culture
that bred the felonious 2002
City of San Diego pension deal
in its last throes.

Unfortunately, he can speak
only for San Diego.

That culture seems to be alive
and well in Chula Vista!
Cheryl Cox has questions about how decisions are being
made.  So do I.
A Lost Chance?
Fresh faces from the community
challenged the  incumbents at
CVESD in 2006
Tamara Arce,
Russell Coronado, and
Steve Yagyagan,
parents with experience in education,
offered their services to the voters and
children of Chula Vista.  They were
interested in the education of children,
not the well-being of developers.  
Update: Does this surprise

ALL the incumbents won in

They had the help of a
large amount of money
from builders and
Personality problems at the
CVESD school board?

A psychiatrist says that Congressman
Randy Cunningham's corruption grew out
of "
an outsized ego and a mantle of
invulnerability" that allowed him to
rationalize his behavior.

Could the same thing have happened to
CVESD board members?
School Board Decision
documents Larkins case
Francisco Escobedo........Superintendent
Oscar Esquivel........Asst. Supt. Business
John Nelson...Asst. Supt. Instr. Services
Sandra Villegas-Zuniga..Asst Supt H Res
Leonard Hernandez........... Dir. Hum Res
Frances  Lebron.................Dir. Hum Res
Peg Myers.........................Dir. Hum Res

Former administrators:
Lowell Billings, Supt.
Asst. Supt Susan Fahle
Asst. Supt Tom Cruz
Asst. Supt. Dennis Doyle
left to Nat'l SD
in July 2007 (left Nat'l City in 2009; went
Asst. Supt.
Richard Werlin
Asst. Supt. Maria Guasp
Supt. Libia Gil
Former board members involved
in illegal actions reported on this site:

Pam Smith--quit in 2014
Larry Cunningham--quit in 2014
Patrick Judd........... voted out Dec. 08
Bertha Lopez..to SweetwaterUSD
Cheryl S. Cox...became mayor of CV 06

Other former board members:

David Bejarano...left in 2012; his
daughter took over his uncontested

Doug Luffborough--did not run for
re-election in 2014 after resigning
from his executive position at Turning
the Hearts.  
Trustee listings had been
2009: Doug Luffborough replaced Bertha J. Lopez
UPDATE:  It's still the same old story at Cheryl's new job.
CVESD's Cheryl Cox  
Jason Moore case
Destroying Documents
(Daniel Shinoff, Stutz
Artiano Shinoff & Holtz)
Behind closed doors
with CTA (Perjury
When problems at  Castle Park
Elementary became so out of
control, due to district
negligence, teachers were
forced by the district and its
lawyers to come up with
elaborate lies to cover up their
refusal to allow integration of
bilingual first and third grade
classrooms, and their criminal
actions starting in 2000.  They
were pressured with fear of
losing their jobs to lie under
Clearly, CVESD needs some
outsiders to come in and clean
the place up.
Danielle Coziahr case
Forcing employees
to hide the truth from
the court

Ex-parte conference Sept. 27,
You are wasting human resources
by fostering a culture of hostility
and sabotage among employees.

Instead of misdirecting teachers,
why don’t you teach teachers and
administrators how to sit down
and work together?
Tom Cruz, in his wisdom, decided
to ignore the above letter, and
not to follow the suggestions it
offered.  This resulted in
Is CVESD as corrupt as
the California
Department of

The Associated Press, on May
18 2006, reported that
California prison authorities and
staffers--just like the CVESD
school board and
staffers--followed a "code of
silence" to protect wrongdoers
and punish whistle-blowers.   A
court-ordered audit said
administrators worked to "keep
errant employees from being
properly disciplined."

Why are our schools so much
like our prisons?  Is their
similar collusion between
officials and workers in both
institutions?  Is it co-incidental
that the prisons and the schools
in California have two of the
most powerful unions in the
How did the San Diego Union
Tribune cover the emotional
and legal meltdown at Castle
Park Elementary School in

The SDUT knew about crimes
committed at Castle Park
Elementary long before five
teachers (
at least one of whom
had committed crimes against
Maura Larkins) were

Shamefully, the
Union Tribune
did not even mention those
crimes when it gave large
amounts of ink to the
complaints of the five
teachers, and to Felicia Starr, a
powerful parent.

Then, once again, the Union
Tribune suddenly lost interest
Castle Park Elementary
when it was discovered that
thousands of dollars were
missing from PTA accounts!  

Clearly, the people of San
Diego can not rely on the SDUT
to tell them what is going on.
January 18, 2006
To: Tom Cruz
From: Maura Larkins
How do we fix our
I believed that Mr. Werlin's continual violations of law made him an exceptionally bad
administrator, below the norm.  But after listening to testimony in the Danielle Coziahr
case, I've come to believe that either Werlin is run of the mill, or Chula Vista
Elementary School district administrators are particularly inept and arrogant toward the

School insurance company attorneys like administrators with no interest in the truth or
the law, who simply follow attorney instructions.  These attorneys train school board
members, who choose the top administrators.  In Chula Vista, the board recently voted...
What happened after Maura Larkins wrote to Cheryl Cox?
Jan. 2007 David Bejarano
In 2006, BERTHA has finally come out with the truth:  Bertha Lopez is
running with Larry Cunningham and Pamela Smith as a slate.  Their
issue?  They say voters should vote for them because they are
incumbents, so they can keep doing what they've been doing.
For years, Bertha Lopez insisted that she was different from Judd,
Smith and Cunningham, that she was not as hostile to teachers.

Yet, strangely, she constantly rubber- stamped the decisions of the big
In January 2007 former San Diego police chief
David Bejarano was chosen to replace Cheryl Cox
on the CVESD board.  
Can we expect a more law-abiding attitude from Mr.
Early on, there was hope that that Bertha Lopez, and then Cheryl Cox,
would show some independence at CVESD, but they fell right into line.  
Apparently, builders are hard to resist.  They are so nice when it comes
time to build up a campaign war chest.
A prescient 2001 letter to then-board member (now Chula Vista
mayor) Cheryl Cox:
Nothing.  Just more business as usual.
Bejarano seems to have been fully
co-opted before he was appointed in 2007
to replace Cheryl S. Cox.
Lopez was fully co-opted by the majority
during the Libia Gil/Richard Werlin years.
Cheryl/Greg Cox article by Evan McLaughlin.
A Comparison of Ethics in La Mesa and Chula Vista
Latest CVESD lawsuit:
the Danielle Coziahr case
CVESD facts:

Number of schools:  44

Square miles:  103

Students served:  27,400
Number of Certificated
Employees:  1,515

Number of Classified
Employees: 1,010

2007-08 Operational Budget:  
$240 million

17% of Students Enrolled in
Charter Schools

Ethnic Composition

64.3 percent Hispanic
14.3 percent White
09.4 percent Filipino
04.9 percent African-American
02.6 percent Asian
00.8 percent Pacific Islander
00.4 percent American Indian or

Class Sizes of 20 or less in
Grades K-3

Dual Language Acquisition

State-funded Preschools

35% English Learners

Established:  1892

Population areas served:
318,148 residents in
Chula Vista,
South San Diego
Elected in November 1994
and reelected in 1998,
2002, and 2006.  Her term
expires in December 2010.
Director of San Diego
County Department of
Elected  in November 1990, appointed from June to
November 1998, elected in 1998, and reelected in
2002 and 2006.  His term expires in December 2010.   
Retired navy, owns plumbing store.
Tom Cruz, former Asst.
A Short History of CVESD
The Old Guard no longer control the board--or does it?

The "Big 3," Judd, Smith and Cunningham, held power for many years.  They have
shown disrespect for the law, for employees, for students and for parents.  They do,
however, get along very well with certain builders.
Letter to Gil Werlin
Offer to meet with Dr. Gil
To Dr. Gil regarding ban
To Werlin regaring ban
Apr 3 01  to Werlin
Apr 4 01  from Werlin
from Voice of San Diego

May 30, 2008

"...Critics accuse schools of overreacting. School
boards say their hands are tied.

"It's a crazy way of doing business," said
Anthony Millican, spokesman for the Chula
Vista Elementary School District, which
cancelled 274 planned layoffs for classroom
but is still planning to slash more than
140 other positions. Its budget gap narrowed
somewhat, from $11 million to $7.5 million,
based on Schwarzenegger's revision.

"The clearest budget information didn't emerge
until two months after the deadline" to warn
teachers of layoffs, Millican said. "Where is the
logic in that process?"

"Chula Vista Elementary School District spent
about $40,000 on substitute teachers during a
two-day hearing, said Millican. Like San Diego
Unified, its legal costs have not yet been totaled.
The school district hired the firm
Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo
, whose partners
and senior associates charge $210 an hour..."
Atkinson, Andelson,
Loya, Ruud & Romo
CVESD Attorneys
Dan Shinoff
Mark Bresee
Bresee and Werlin
Bresee OAH hearing
Bresee and school
San Diego Union Tribune
August 30, 2008

"A civil rights group is threatening to sue the
Lemon Grove School District unless it
publishes public information on
per-pupil expenditures and teacher

"Public Advocates sent a similar letter to
the Chula Vista Elementary School
District last year
. A spokesman for Public
Advocates said Thursday that Chula Vista
has since complied with all reporting
requirements... "
Cheryl Cox games
How can voters find
out what's going on
in their school

It's next to
An Open Letter to
CVESD Board members

Why are you hunkering down
and hiding instead of dealing
with problems?   Do you cover
your eyes and ears because
you think that if you don't know
about something, then it's not

You'd be wiser to allow free
and open communication
instead of blocking it.   You
cannot keep the truth hidden in
the long run.  

--Maura Larkins
Superintendent Lowell
Billings: Rewarded for
turning a blind eye?
CVESD board
Nov. 4, 2008
Seat 2

Archie McAllister was
the people's candidate.  He
was endorsed by the
Republican party in his race
against another Republican,
David Bejarano.  He was
also endorsed by  
Democrats, including me!

Norberto Salazar was
merely a spoiler, on the
ballot only to split the vote
and protect David
Bejarano.  A vote for
Salazar was a vote for
Castle Park Elementary
See full letter:  
Dec. 4, 2001 letter to Cheryl Cox from Maura Larkins
2008 Election results
Larkins case summary
Chula Vista Educators (CVE)
Who will provide leadership?
Maura Larkins case
Castle Park Elementary
Feb. 3, 2009
Russell Coronado
Cheryl Cox (former
member 2000-2006)

Ms. Cox became mayor of
Chula Vista

Ms. Cox had little power at
CVESD, but she successfully
supported wrongdoing in an
apparent effort to cultivate
supporters for her mayoral
Aug. 2008: Patrick Judd problems at
school.  Supt. Pat Judd retired
from Mountain Empire in June 2008
without saying why he went on
in Feb 2008.
We learned the reason
2011 when Judd was found
liable in a civil jury trial for
sexually harassing a principal.
Nov. 2008: Twenty-year incumbent Patrick Judd replaced by
Russell Coronado
Patrick Judd
In 2001, and for seven years since then,
Cox has ignored well-founded concern
about the spread of illegal behavior.
3. Why won't you release public records about how much Dan Shinoff and Mark
Bresee have been paid for work on your behalf

Update: In 2007 CVESD released records of how much it paid directly to Stutz,
Artiano, Shinoff.  It still has not revealed how much the SDCOE JPA has paid to Stutz
on its behalf.
Dear Ms. Cox:

"...I am concerned that our new director of Human Resources, Tom Cruz, is being
tainted by the unfinished business and improper policies of Mr. Werlin..."
Questions regarding Cheryl's decision-making:

1.  How did YOU, Ms. Cox, make the decision to cover up the crimes of Rick Werlin and
other employees?  

2. Why did you vote to force employees to commit perjury?  
Photo taken and published by CVESD in 2008.  
Cheryl Cox and CVESD maintain close ties.
In November 2006 Cheryl Cox was elected mayor of
Chula Vista.  

Will Cox continue to cover up wrongdoing now that she is mayor?
The outlook is not good.  Cox didn't waste much time in approving the funnelling of
more public money to her favorite law firm, Stutz, Artiano, Shinoff & Holtz--and to
the wife of a developer.  

On March 9, 2007, Chula Vista Assistant Manager Laurie Madigan's law firm (Cheryl
Cox's former law firm) completed a deal that Madigan would receive $155,000 and
lifetime retirement benefits (for about four years of work) in exchange for her
resignation.  Madigan was being investigated for a conflict of interest regarding her
developer husband.  Cox says that the settlement with Madigan was made to
prevent a lawsuit.  She says, "It's all very blurry because I didn't know who was
working for whom or what the relationship might be."  
Cheryl Cox has a long history
of pretending not to understand wrongdoing when she authorizes it.
In the late 1990s and early 2000s, I was mystified to find Assistant Superintendent for
Human Resources Richard Werlin just standing around in the halls of the district office,
apparently looking for someone to chat with, on several occasions when I visited.  In
2001 I discovered that the schedule posted for use of the large conference room in the
front of the building was bogus.  Richard Werlin was listed as being in charge of an
activity in the room for several hours in a day when there was no activity at all.
The Former Five
Cheryl Cox announced in February 2006 that she was considering running for mayor
she had questions about how decisions are being made!
CVESD and Lowell
Billings settle
defamation, tortious
lawsuit filed
by Ana Stover
The habit of pursuing personal
political power at the expense of
education by CVESD board
members and superintendent
Lowell Billings was exposed in
the Ana Stover case.   Stover, an
effective and dedicated
administrator, was in line to be
superintendent of the district
until she supported Russell
Coronado instead of Pamela
Smith in a school board election.  
CVESD was represented, as
usual, by attorney Daniel
Shinoff.  The suit was eventually
settled privately.
Ana Stover case
Ana Stover v. Lowell Billings
Ana Stover v. CVESD

Dale Parent v. CVESD

Danielle Cozaihr v. CVESD (lactation
lawsuit--settled Dec 2009)

Maura Larkins v. CVESD
Bertha Lopez moved to Sweetwater UHSD's
board Dec. 2009
Was CVESD a rogue district in recent years?
Yes and no.  The board abdicated its role of oversight in favor of politics, but that
makes it a typical board, not an outlier.

CVESD is far from unique.  Many school boards, school administrators, and union officials across the country
behave in a similar fashion.

The board that consisted of Cheryl Cox, Pamela Smith, Bertha Lopez, Pat Judd and Larry Cunningham
violated the law on
several occasions.  Can the new board do better?  Pamela Smith and Larry Cunningham
are still there, making progress more difficult.  But we can hope.  CVESD's  management structure does not
foster independence from career pressures and creates significant potential for undue influence, favoritism,
and potential retribution.

Are the best educators in charge of our educational system?  In many cases, clearly not.
Why would a school district get involved in working to throw out an obstruction of
lawsuit in which it was not a party?  

Chula Vista Elementary School District, Stutz law firm and California Teachers Association  were
determined in March of 2005 that Maura Larkins lawsuit  would not be examined by the Superior Court.  
They got their wish when the  court accepted a
pleading filed by NON-PARTY CVESD (!?!)  to protect Stutz
law firm.  Now the matter is in San Diego Superior court.

What do many--if not most--school districts do  to teachers who fail to keep teacher and administrator
wrongdoing secret?

They fire them--with help from
insurance company lawyers.

Visit the website of Karen Horowitz' organization, NAPTA, to read story after story about the unethical conduct
of education lawyers across the country, and how they  often target the most innovative and creative
teachers and administrators.
Trustee Districts
CVESD vote 2006
Nov. 2008--Bertha Lopez won a seat in
Sweetwater Union High School District.  
Dash and Stretch: Why did CVESD
turn this excellent program over to
YMCA in 2009?
Chula Vista Elementary School District (CVESD)
Board and superintendent 2010
(Russell Coronado, David Bejarano and Doug Luffborough were NOT
involved in wrongdoing in Maura Larkins case.

Left to right: Russell Coronado (came to board in 2008)
Former superintendent Lowell Billings,
Larry Cunningham,  Pamela Smith,  David Bejarano (came to board in 2007),  
Doug Luffborough (came to board in 2009)
Board members contact

Pamela B. Smith, President
Phone: 619-479-1507

David Bejarano, Vice President
Phone: 619-421-0201
Email: bejaranos@cox.net

Russell Y. Coronado, Clerk
Phone: 619-818-5688
Email: russell.cvesd@gmail.com

Larry Cunningham, Member
Phone: 619-475-5639
Email: lecunningham@gmail.com

Douglas E. Luffborough III,  Member
Phone: 619-750-4182
Email: dougluff@gmail.com

Lowell J. Billings Ed.D.,
Email: lowell.billings@cvesd.org
Phone: 619-425-9600  ext.  1300
84 East J St, Chula Vista, CA 91910

Max Batangan, Assistant to the
Superintendent and Board of
Email: max.batangan@cvesd.org
Phone: 619-425-9600  ext.  1311
84 East J St, Chula Vista, CA 91910

Content last updated: 3/3/2009
No Oversight

The board backed up
Superintendent Libia Gil in
2001-2002 and beyond to
the tune of hundreds of
thousands of dollars spent
on legal fees and increased
liability insurance
payments.  Libia Gil
Richard Werlin to
investigate complaints
against himself.
April 25, 2010
Yesterday the CVESD website was
down.  Today, it's back up, but
all the
information is missing.  You have to
have a password to see it.  This is a
bizarre step for a public entity to take.  
CVESD has apparently thinks that it's
affairs must be kept secret.  This is not
a new development; the only thing that's
new is that CVESD is letting the voters
know how intent it is on keeping them in
the dark.    We pay our taxes; we expect
accountability for those tax dollars.

In the past when CVESD has kept
secrets, it has turned out that serious
problems among teachers were being
hidden.  Those problems burst into
public view in 2004.  Is that what's
happening now?  When will the district
investigate to make sure that Castle
Park Elementary is safe?  
Superintendent Lowell
Billings Retirement
April 26, 2010 Letter from
Lowell Billings
Violations of Public
Records Act
March 2006
Susan Fahle of CVESD refused
to provide Maura Larkins with
the documents requested a year
earlier about how much Daniel
Shinoff had recently been paid
for representing the district.
SDCOE refused to provide
complete records about how
much Daniel Shinoff has been
paid on behalf of CVESD.
Pam Smith and Larry Cunningham have a history of going along with Judd, not
sticking their necks out.

Their pals Cheryl Cox and Bertha Lopez are gone.
84 East J Street   Chula Vista, California 91910
Phone 619 425 9600 Fax 619 427 0463
2009: Bertha J. Lopez moved to the famously corrupt Sweetwater USD
Lowell Billings background
CVESD public record requests
Francisco Escobedo chosen
to replace Lowell Billings
as Superintendent

See CVESD announcement
July 27, 2010
About Dr. Escobedo

Currently Assistant Superintendent, Educational Leadership, in the South Bay Union School District,
Imperial Beach, Calif. He supervised principals of 13 elementary schools, serving more than 8,000
students. He has served in education the better part of 22 years. His experiences include serving as
a principal research analyst for the American Institute of Research, as well as serving as California
Regional Vice-President of Achievement/Operations for Edison Schools. He has served as a
principal in CVESD at then-Mae L. Feaster-Edison Charter (now Mae L. Feaster Charter) and in the
National School District at John A. Otis School...
See blog posts for up-to-date news
on Francisco Escobedo
San Diego Education
Report Blog
Why This Website

Stutz Artiano Shinoff
& Holtz v. Maura
Larkins defamation



Castle Park
Elementary School

Law Enforcement



Stutz Artiano Shinoff
& Holtz

Silence is Golden

Schools and Violence

Office Admin Hearings

Larkins OAH Hearing
Why did April Boling
give an award to
without investigating?
Richard Werlin
and Libia Gil
October 20, 2010 minutes  The
search function does not work for
this document.  What is the board
trying to hide?  Also, the computer
file was mislabeled as 2009 by the

In the minutes, Doug Luffborough
seems proud to have completed a
course on governance given by
CSBA, the California School Boards
Association.  Sorry, Doug.  You
might need to unlearn a few tricks
CSBA uses.

The minutes also note that my old
pals Dean Vogel, vice-president of
CTA, and Jim Groth were escorted
around Harborside and Silverwing
schools by
Peg Myers.
Pam Smith
Larry Cunningham
Blog posts re CVESD
Holdovers from the old board: the white-headed officials
The new board: the black-haired officials

Board and superintendent in late 2010.  Time will tell if there is real change.
Left to right: Doug Luffborough, David Bejarano, Larry Cunningham,
Supt. Francisco Escobedo, Pam Smith, Russell Coronado
Chula Vista Elementary School Board Trustee Russell Coronado first worked as an educator in the
San Diego Unified School District as an instructional assistant, then as a child care counselor at
residential schools for children with behavioral problems. After completing graduate school, he
became the lead school psychologist for the Chula Vista Elementary School District. In 2004, Russell
implemented and directed an innovative public alternative school (the Daly Academy) for children
with emotional and behavioral problems.
Cheating Teacher Scandal
Hits Home
By Rory Devine

A new kind of cheating has taken root
nationwide, and it is not about students writing
the answers on their hands or asking their
friends to whisper the answers to them. It is
cheating by teachers.

The Chula Vista Elementary School District is
one of a number of districts in the state and
country where cheating has been discovered.
Teachers’ actions have been blamed on
increased pressure to improve student

“One of the reasons I took early retirement is
because testing pressures are getting more and
more and more,” said retired teacher Dana

A school’s results determine if it will be
rewarded or punished and affect property values
in the area. Additionally, administrators are
starting to use the tests to evaluate teachers.

According to documents obtained by the Los
Angeles Times through the Freedom of
Information Act, the teacher found cheating in the
Chula Vista Elementary School District was from
Allen School.

Several fifth grade students reported to their
homeroom teacher that they had seen the test’s
passages before the test day. The document
shows the teacher stated she used poor
judgment by illegally preparing student prior to
testing by downloading test passages from the

As a result of the cheating, the scores for the
entire school were thrown out...

“I hate to say it, but I think it’s going to happen
more and more as it becomes more and more
important to the schools, to the administrators
and everybody’s job,” Messinger said.

According to the Los Angeles Times, about three
dozen teachers in the state were accused of
cheating, lesser misconduct or mistakes while

They came from 23 schools and 21 districts. The
Times said this is an unprecedented amount.

NBC 7 is told that the teacher from Chula Vista’s
Allen School is no longer working for the district.
Two controversies, one simple solution:
If CVESD were simply to teach its teachers how to raise test scores and to
prepare students to get into college without needing a guaranteed admission,
CVESD wouldn't have to worry about two big stories in the news:
Update on the following story: Sweetwater agreed to
allow charter students into compact
College compact excludes
Sweetwater now wants students to enter district in
seventh grade for SDSU entry program
Ashly McGlone
Nov. 14, 2011

CHULA VISTA — The Sweetwater schools have a new
policy excluding certain students from its guaranteed
entrance agreement with San Diego State University,
known as the Compact for Success.

The rules leave out any students who attend seventh
and eighth grade at charter schools in nearby
elementary school districts. Previously, those students
could enter Sweetwater in ninth grade and still qualify
for the college program.

Superintendent Ed Brand said he has concerns that
the academics at the charter schools are not up to the
standards of the Sweetwater Union High School

“Everything is intertwined, so certainly we are
concerned about a loss of revenue...,” Brand said. “...

The compact guarantees admission to SDSU for
Sweetwater students who complete certain academic
criteria, including passage of college preparation
classes with a B average or better, regardless of SAT

The compact has become increasingly valuable in
recent years as universities statewide cut classes and
limit enrollment amid state budget cuts...

That excludes the growing number of middle
schoolers enrolled in charter schools in other districts
in the South County, up 46 percent from last year. With
more than 530 middle schoolers enrolled in five South
County charter schools, the Sweetwater district lost
$3.18 million in state funding this year.

That figure is projected to rise with two campuses
expanding to eighth grade next year, and another K-7
charter school opening in Chula Vista in the fall...

Officials in the
Chula Vista Elementary School
District, home to four charter middle schools,
the growth of charter schools has been a response to
parent demand.

“We don’t understand the rationale. Our intent is to
continue to dialogue with Sweetwater with this,” said
Matt Tessier, instructional services and support
liaison for charter schools in the district.
“All of our
charters are producing students who are very high

[Maura Larkins comment: That's great!  So why do
they need guaranteed admission to SDSU?]
Nov. 23, 2011 PERB decision finds CVESD
violated law:
"In addition to all of the above circumstantial
evidence of unlawful motive, there is also direct
evidence of unlawful motive in the statements
made by [Larry]Cunningham...If Cunningham
had been misquoted or misunderstood, the
District could have called him to testify; indeed,
the record was left open for that very purpose.
But the District did nothing."
Nov. 23, 2011 PERB decision finds CVESD violated law:

"In addition to all of the above circumstantial evidence of unlawful motive, there is
also direct evidence of unlawful motive in the statements made by
[Larry]Cunningham...If Cunningham had been misquoted or misunderstood, the
District could have called him to testify; indeed, the record was left open for that
very purpose. But the District did nothing."  
--from Joyce Abrams v. CVESD
"Chief Bejarano is trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear," said San Diego Urban League COO Jimma
McWilson in 2003.  She was reacting to Mr. Bejarano's interpretation of a study showing problems of racial
disparity in vehicle stops.

We'll wait and see if Mr. Bejarano will be any different from the rest of the board, but we won't hold our breath.
March 22, 2012
CVESD board member
Russell Coronado resigns for personal
April 2012  SCHOOL BOARD
Chula Vista Elementary trustees
Glendora Tremper
to replace Russell Coronado
Caroline Dipping
UT San Diego
April 24, 2012

The Chula Vista Elementary School District
has appointed longtime educator Glendora M. Tremper as its newest trustee.  Tremper, a bilingual
language-speech and hearing specialist and former student services coordinator at South Bay Union
School District, was sworn in by Superintendent Francisco Escobedo at a special board meeting
Monday night at the Education Service and Support Center.

Board members, minus Douglas Luffborough who was absent, unanimously approved Tremper, 57, to
replace Russell Coronado who resigned in March, citing “personal reasons.” Tremper will serve out the
remainder of his term, which ends in December... the district received 12 applications and winnowed
the field to two candidates, Tremper and John Mendez, a local businessman with four children who are
current or former school district students...

“We can’t go wrong with either candidate,” said board member Larry Cunningham during discussions.
“The easiest way out is to expand the board.”  Board President Pamela Smith said in her 18 years on
the board, she has been through the process of choosing a new member four times, but “this is the
toughest in terms of neck-and-neck candidates.”

This is the third time since 2007 that the board has appointed a member. Trustee
David Bejarano was chosen from 39 candidates in 2007 after Cheryl Cox stepped
down after she was elected mayor of Chula Vista. Luffborough was selected out
of 23 applicants in 2009 after Bertha Lopez resigned to serve on the Sweetwater
Union High School District board.

Born in Cincinnati, Tremper is a lead language-speech and hearing specialist at River Springs Charter
School in Temecula. She was coordinator of student services for South Bay Union School District for
nine years, and a bilingual language-speech and hearing specialist for that district for seven years.

Tremper has a master’s degree in speech-language pathology from San Diego State University and a
bachelor’s degree in speech-language pathology from the University of Texas at El Paso. She lives in
Chula Vista with her family and has a sixth-grade son in the Chula Vista Elementary School District.
(619) 425-9600
May 22, 2012 7 P.M.
Dr. Lowell J. Billings Board Room
Education Service and Support Center

A.  Call to Order
Vice President Luffborough called the meeting to order
at 7 P.M.
B.  Roll Call

Members Present:
Mr. Douglas E. Luffborough Ill, Vice President
Mr. Larry Cunningham, Member
Ms. Glendora M. Tremper, Member

Members Absent:
Mrs. Pamela B. Smith, President
Mr. David Bejarano, Clerk
[Maura Larkins note: David Bejarano was absent, but
he signed the minutes.]

Others Present:
Dr. Francisco Escobedo, Superintendent
Mr. Oscar Esquivel, Asst. Supt. , Business Services
Dr. John M. Nelson Ill, Asst. Supt., Instructional Services
Mrs. Sandra L. Villegas-Zuniga, Asst. Supt., Human
Resources Services
Mrs. Laura Casas, Secretary, Myrtle S. Finney
Elementary School
Mrs. Soreli M. Norton, Asst. to the Superintendent and
Board of Education

Government  Code  Sections  3549.1 (d)  and  
54957.6,  Collective
Bargaining/Employee  Negotiations;  
Negotiator:  Fagen
Friedman  &  Fulfrost,  LLP;  Employee  Organizations:  
Chula  Vista
Classified  Employees  Organization  (CVCEO);  Chula  
Vista  Educators
(CVE); Nonrepresented Employees
There was no closed session as posted.
Board members

Leslie Bunker
Francisco Tamayo
Eduardo Reyes
Marissa Bejarano
Glendora M. Tremper
Peter Fagen of Fagen, Friedman and Fulfrost is on CVESD's 2012
bargaining team.  
CVE president (and member of CVE
bargaining team) Peg Myers stuns
teachers by taking job as Director
Human Resources at CVESD!

The woman formerly know as Peggie, then Peg, and now
Margaret Myers has changed her colors once again,
underscoring the bizarre relationship between Chula Vista
Educators and CVESD.  

Myers has been at the epicenter of many controversies
since since 2001, including
helping to cover-up illegal
actions against a fellow teacher at Castle Park
Elementary in order to protect her friend
Robin Donlan.  Then both Peg and Robin
became members of the
Castle Park Five in 2004.  

Myers was rewarded for helping former CVE presidents Jim Groth and
Gina Boyd conceal
the truth about what happened at Castle Park Elementary,  Myers moved up automatically
from her position as vice-president of Chula Vista Educators when Jim Groth resigned as
president.  (This is also the way that CVESD board members usually obtain their seats on
the school board:
by NOT being elected.)

Myers' relationship with Asst. Supt. for Human Resources Rick Werlin made it seem that
she did not care about teacher rights, only about politics.  But after she became CVE
president, it seemed that she had changed, and was genuinely interested in protecting
other teachers' rights.  Unfortunately, like former CVE presidents Jim Groth and
Boyd, Myers appeared to be an advocate for teachers when she was actually
undermining teacher rights to gain political advantages.  The strategy has obviously paid

Perhaps the teachers who poured their hearts out to her over the past few years are a
little worried now.  Who would even have imagined that a teacher union president and
negotiator would become a Director of Human Resources?  The situation is reminiscent of
Juan Vargas going from the  Insurance Committee in the
California Assembly to vice-president of Safeco Insurance
Company.  You can't help wondering why the insurance
people liked him so much.  He must have been helpful to
them all along.

To add to the oddness of the situation, Chula
Vista Educators took down its website, and
refused to tell callers the names of CVE officers
other than new president
Jennefer Porch.  To
her credit, Jennefer has re-established the website, listing all
officers except, for some reason, Jim Groth.
San Diego Education Report
San Diego
Education Report
San Diego Education Report
San Diego
Education Report
San Diego Education Report's choices for CVESD
teachers/administrators of the year
Administrators recognized for working
closely with their allies to achieve impact
within and between schools.  They relied on
the teachers of the year to guide their

Charlie Padilla

Charlie Padilla, principal at Rice,
Feaster, Parkview, and Tiffany

After a difficult start at Rice Elementary resulted in
student test scores going down, Mr. Padilla was
moved to Feaster for a short time.  He learned that he
needed to do  observations of his teachers, and to
listen and talk to teachers outside the ruling clique.  
Charile Padilla improved, and came into his own as his
school received a "Distinguished School" award when
he was principal of Parkview Elementary.  Sadly, Mr.
Padilla disappointed and surprised everyone by
retiring in the middle of the school year in December
2010.  He now works as a supervisor for student
teachers at USD.

Review Written Report on Burton C. Tiffany Elementary
School for the 2009-‘IO School Year The Board reviewed
Burton C. Tiffany Elementary School’s Written report
detailing progress made in addressing the District
Strategic Goals of Literacy, Equity, Technology, Safe and
Supportive Environment, and Collaboration for the 2009-
10 school year.

Principal Charles Padilla was present to answer
questions.  Board Members thanked Principal Padilla for
his many years of service to District students and
congratulated him on his retirement.
--Board Minutes Dec. 14, 2010

Monica Sorenson, Esq.

Former Asst. Supt.
Dennis Doyle*
Mr. Doyle has become associated

Alicia Moreno
Castle Park Elementary
Teachers recognized for working closely with
their allies to achieve impact within and
between schools.  They practiced "members
only" teamwork.

Andrea Glasser--Rice Elementary, fifth
grade Rice Elementary

Ms. Glasser belongs to California Dept. of Education's Chula Vista
Elementary School District  Brokers of Expertise group along with
Maria Grabowski and Geraldine Arreaga.

Ms.Glasser adhered to time-honored practice of never altering the
pace of instruction.  She knew before the school year started
exactly what math lesson would be taught each day of the year.  
She did not vary the plan to go into greater depth on any concept.  
She must be breathing a sigh of relief that she retired before
Common Core came to CVESD!  Common Core expects teachers
to spend much more time on each concept so kids will end up with
greater understanding of a smaller number of facts.

...Rabbi Herstik and founding member Andrea Glasser worked
together to hire and train teachers, and a more formal school
began in 1989 called Gesher (Bridge) School. In 1993, Barbara
Carr, a teacher in the program, was hired to succeed Andrea as
Education Director. In 1995 Barbara was awarded the JRF Master
Teacher award and in January 2006 the Jewish Reconstructionist
Federation recognized Gesher School as a model for
Reconstructionist education. Betsy Schneider joined
Dor Hadash
in the summer of 2008 and is Gesher School's Education Director...

Mimi (Mary Elizabeth) Carr, Esq.
Rice Elementary, second grade
Meet the Staff - Lilian J. Rice Elementary School
www.cvesd.org, 26 April 2010

Ms. Carr likes to be addressed as "Esquire" since she passed the

Denise Finney--math resource teacher at
district office; formerly at Rice
In 2007 Supt. Lowell Billings picked
Denise for a Rotary award at his club.  
Denise has clearly done a good job
working at the district office, and Mr.
Billings relied on her opinions.

In 2008-2009, the staff worked with
Denise Finney, District Resource
Teacher, to implement the Gradual
Release of Responsibility Framework
and continue to strengthen the school focus of Reading
Comprehension. We closely monitored growth for our targeted
students as teachers worked collaboratively to improve
achievement for all students.
--from Olympic View 2010-11
School Accountability Report Card

AGENDA - Chula Vista Elementary School District
May 22, 2012 – For over a decade, research studies of
Mathematics education in high-performing countries have pointed
to the conclusion that the curriculum in theUnited States must
become substantially more focused and coherent in order to
improve achievement for students. To address this need, the
District has created resource materials and professional
development opportunities for teachers to provide a more
conceptually and problem-based learning environment rather
than only focusing on the procedural understanding of
ADDITIONAL DATA: Tonight, District Math Resource Teacher
Denise Finney will share information on the resources and
professional development provided for District teachers.

Three-way tie:  

Connie Mack
Kellogg School Site Council (SSC)  Feb. 2011
Parents/Community  Staff
o  Debby Duran  0  Yanet Goldsmith
o  Gilda Elorriaga (DAC)  0  Carol Kawamoto
o  Pablo Kubilis  0  Connie Mack
o  William Perno  o  Lalaine Perez
o  Chris Shilling  o  Jacqueline Simeon

Feb. 2012
School Site Council (SSC)
• Debby Duran
• Gilda Elorriaga
• Sheryl Incharregui
• Sandra Perez
• Jeanette Sanchez
• Carol Kawamoto
• Connie Mack
• Chris Morrison
• Lalaine Perez
• Jacqueline Simeon

Shelley Rudd

Nikki Perez
Marissa Bejarano, New Board Member
Candidates provide background
By Caroline Dipping, UTSD
October 17, 2012

...She is the daughter of Chula Vista Police Chief David
Bejarano, who has held Seat 2 since 2007 but did not seek
re-election...[Her mother, Esperanza, also worked at CVESD
for many years.  Esperanza was listed as an executive secretary
for CVESD on her husband's
statement of economic interests.]
Marissa Bejarano is unopposed, so she takes over the seat.  
..."I’m not going to be on the ballot. Because no one ran
against me, I received notification from the Registrar of
Voters that I will be appointed in December...
I have been a
public servant my entire life and... the current board president for
a local nonprofit, MANA de San Diego...
Attorney Marissa A. Bejarano
won't be able to claim she was
relying on legal advice of district
lawyers and didn't know the law.
Age: 33...Married with 19-month-old son...Education: Halecrest
Elementary, Bonita Middle and High schools, BA in political science,
Spanish from USD, law degree from USD.  Deputy attorney general,
adjunct professor for the Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Jennefer Porch
Margaret "Peg" Myers
2012 Special recognition:
Former CVESD teacher Mary Lou Montoya

Without the support and assistance of Mary Lou
Montoya, none of the winners above could have
achieved what they did.  Mary Lou, in turn, was
supported by her husband and mentor Edward "Lalo"
Aceves, a principal at CVESD; Montoya also worked
closely with
Bertha Lopez at CABE and at National
School District.

* Like Mr. Dennis Doyle, Ms. Montoya moved to
National School District for a job as a administrator.

The winners also relied on the support of
Jim Groth, a
CVE official later chosen ffor the California Teachers
Association Board of Directors, who was socially and
politically connected to certain schools, and Sally Del
Rio, who, like Ms. Montoya and Mr. Doyle, left the
district.  Del Rio went to San Ysidro School District.
Asst. Supt. Sandra
Villegas-Zuniga, who
sat across the
bargaining table from
CVE President  Peg
Myers,  made a
startling offer in 2012:
come work for Human

It's always nice to
have an employee
who knows all the
secrets of the
opposition, isn't it,

Perhaps district
lawyer Peter Fagen
suggested the idea.*
Fagen, Friedman,
Fulfrost is
for hiring school

Was the job a reward
for something?  
Clearly, Peg Myers
convinced the
district, while she
was working for the
teachers union, that
she would be loyal to
the district.

Sandra is on the
executive board of
CABE, along with
former CVESD board
member (and current
indictee in pay-to-play
and Mary Lou
, former
CVESD teacher who
moved to National
School District where
she worked with

*Peter Fagan has Sandra
Villegas-Zuniga and board
member Doug Luffborough
in his
Google+ circles as of
Oct. 5, 2013,
Dec. 2012
December 2012

Is there a trend in
ladies' footwear in
CVESD?  Are those
boots comfortable?

Glendora Tremper,
Larry Cunningham,
Marissa Bejarano,
Doug Luffborough,
Pamela Smith,
Francisco Escobedo
Chula Vista Elementarty School District supports teachers
who teach math at only one level; a good teacher can
teach at several levels at once.
Local 6th grader told he cannot
take 8th grade algebra: School
says boy would be truant
Joe Little
10 News
A Chula Vista 6th grader has been told he will be truant if he goes to an 8th grade algebra class
instead of his own grade level class.  10News was contacted by Myssie McCann shortly after she was
told her 11-year-old son Grant would be punished for not attending Salt Creek Elementary's math
classes.  "Never dawned on me in a million years that Chula Vista Elementary School District would
say, 'No, you can't do this,'" McCann told 10News. "I was told by the principal [Lalaine Perez] that she
was obligated to tell me that if I pursued him taking the Eastlake Middle algebra class, my son would
be marked truant on those days."  

Grant's father is
John McCann, who sits on the Sweetwater Union Board of Trustees.
Sept. 2013
Teen Testifies Ex-Teacher Molested Him After School at
Chula Vista Elementary School District [Kinloch post #5]

See all posts regarding CVESD teacher John Kinloch.
See also "California Teachers Association protects child molesting teacher."

UPDATE SEPT. 7, 2013:

It would be nice if Chula Vista Elementary School
District were as
forthcoming with documents as it
wants other agencies to be. For example, it would
be appropriate for CVESD to provide the police
with documentation of any suspensions it may
have imposed, or investigations it may have conducted,
on Mr. Kinlock in previous years.
The second story below states, "It wasn't until
he was in 7th grade that the alleged victim
spoke out." That was five years ago. So why did
CVESD keep Kinloch in the classroom for several more years, until the police
stepped in and arrested him?  
Richard Werlin was in charge of personnel from
1997-2006, during which time he worked closely with
CVE officials Jim Groth and
Gina Boyd..
Indemnifying Lawyers
Part 1 Proof of indemnity
Part 2 Opposing indemnity
Part 3 SDCOE lawyers
Dec. 2012
CVESD sues federal government
over teacher accused of child molestation
Chula Vista Elementary School District
v. United States Department of Justice
Date lawsuit filed: 09/17/2013
Chula Vista Elementary School District, upset over
lack of red flags on teacher John Kinloch, sues
federal Justice Department
See all posts regarding CVESD teacher John Kinloch.

Why didn't CVESD fire John Kinloch after Victim #1, a former Feaster student,
revealed five years ago that he had been molested for years by Kinloch?

CVESD has hired
Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost to sue the United States Department of
Justice. In its Freedom of Information Act complaint, the school district states,
public interest in knowing those details far outweighs any privacy interest..."

I couldn't agree more...
CVESD "investigating" actions of teacher
that caused
Clear View Elementary to lose
its API ranking

CVESD board members Pam Smith and Larry Cunningham
are strangely uninterested in what goes on in Chula Vista
Elementary schools.
 They didn't even ask for the Asst.
Supt. of Human Resources Richard Werlin to investigate
a report by two anonymous teachers that another teacher
seemed likely to kill them.  The fact that the target of the
complaint had complained in a
signed letter
two weeks earlier about harassment didn't trigger
the slightest bit of suspicion in Pam's and Larry's heads.  
deposition of teacher union president HERE.  Pam and Larry spent $100,000s of
taxpayer funds covering up criminal actions at Castle Park Elementary that a proper
investigation would have exposed.  A few years later, the district was desperately
trying to get a modicum of control over the power-hungry teachers it had supported.

By "investigation," perhaps CVESD means "applying political pressure to avoid
Why some school
cultures stink:
6 Signs Your Company's Culture
Matt Ehrlichman
Aug. 2013

1. You've got gossips in your

No one likes jerks. But almost as
detrimental to being jerky is being
a gossip queen. This is the
antithesis of transparency and
Even if it is not
malicious, it erodes an
organization’s culture and energy
over time. Cliques form and
employees find comfort in their
connection to each other through
trash-talking--instead of building
relationships based on
accomplishments and goals.

2. Your leadership team has
bad habits.

Culture is a normative
inheritance, much like child
rearing. Kids look and act like
their parents despite how hard
they try to do otherwise. The
same holds true in your
organization. Your leadership is
the best indicator of the entire
organization and so employees'
bad tempers, sloppiness, lack of
collaboration, and general
attitude provide valuable insight
into the health of the company.

3. Your managers' hands are
too clean.

When managers are not willing to
get their hands dirty with the
troops or do hard work, there's no
number of free lunches that can
help your company.
There are
severe culture consequences
when managers are
disengaged from the front

4. Your employees are
competing--with each other.

Competition is great. It’s
imperative. I believe that
should compete with yourself.
What is not necessary is
competing internally.
know you have a rotten
culture when employees
spend more time competing
with each other than with
external forces...

[Maura Larkins' comment: I loved
the following because I had the
same thought regarding Chula
Vista Elementary School District.]

You know, you can't take an
article called "why your high
school stinks" and just change
the title...
09/04/2013 11:20 AM
With $60 million in grants, can troubled Castle Park
Elementary climb out of the mire created by Libia Gil,
Richard Werlin and Jim Groth?

Secretary of Education Arne Duncanvisited the Castle
Park area last month to applaud the changes
made with a multi-million dollar grant to the

But are the changes really making any difference?

It is a lot harder to repair a school culture
than it is to damage it

And the two long-term boardmembers, Pam Smith
and Larry Cunningham,
who undermined the school in the past are still in

See earlier post:
Castle Park Elementary, scene of
multiple fiascoes, finally gets some help.
A Promise Neighborhood staff member
works with students after school in the
Castle Park Elementary computer lab in
Chula Vista, Sept. 19, 2013. The software,
paid for by the Promise Neighborhood is
helping students improve their reading
skills. Photo By Christopher Maue
Four out of five CVESD
board members got
their positions without
running for election

The following March 2012 article
resonates even more strongly
now that Marissa Bejarano has
replaced her father on the board
without having to face the voters
of Chula Vista

Are Too Many Chula Vista
Elementary School Board
Members Handpicked?

By Susan Luzzaro, March 28, 2012
Jill Galvez, a Chula Vista resident
and former city council candidate,
believes if you want to be a
trustee for the elementary school
district "you should have to get
out there and knock on doors,
shake hands, and make your
promises to voters face to face."
That's why she is disappointed to
learn that yet another trustee is
going to be appointed.
On March 19 the Chula Vista
Elementary school board
announced trustee Russell
Coronado's resignation, effective
March 30. They voted to fill the
position rather than hold a costly
special election.
The Union Tribune reported on
March 20 that three out of the five
members initially got on the board
through appointment: "Trustee
David Bejarano was chosen out of
a pool of 39 candidates in 2007
after Cheryl Cox stepped down
following her election as mayor of
Chula Vista. Luffborough was
selected out of 23 applicants in
2009 after Bertha Lopez resigned
to serve on the Sweetwater Union
High School Board."
Trustee Larry Cunningham was
appointed in 1998. After the
board fills Coronado's position,
four out of the five trustees will
have been appointed.
It is common knowledge that
incumbents, appointed or not,
have advantages. They receive
name recognition and are more
likely to receive campaign
donations. Galvez, among others,
believes that in order to avoid
having a school board that picks
its own members, appointees
should agree to serve only as
interim trustees and not seek
Board president, Pamela Smith,
was not available for comment.

Read more:
How can teachers be expected to stop bullying when they do it themselves?
Bullies and Bystanders by Barbara Coloroso

Review by Lisa:

Coloroso's main premise is that bullying involves more than a bully and a target; instead,
bullying involves the entire
community: bully and target, but also
teachers, and parents, and any real solution must involve all of these

- I like that Coloroso emphasizes the importance of
not minimizing bullying
and not blaming the target...

- I think that Coloroso touches on something very important when she asserts that
bullying is as much or more about contempt than it is about
which means that conflict resolution methods won't necessarily work on
bullying in the way adults expect them to...
Are many teachers and administrators as passive aggressive
as teenage girls struggling to be popular?
Bullying by school employees may accompany drive to be

Too often teachers strive for power and prestige, not by improving themselves, but by
sabotaging other teachers and the students of other teachers.  Too often
administrators seek power and prestige by allying themselves with this type of teacher.
Luffborough, D  2013 NSBA Annual Conference San Diego  04/13/13  04/15/13
$1,215 District Admin Supt and Board
Escobedo, F  2013 NSBA Annual Conference San Diego  04/13/13  04/15/13
$1,030 District Admin  Superintendent
Myers, P[eg] Annual CABE Conference  Long Beach  02/13/13  02/15/13  
$2,124 District Admin Human Resources
Human Resources director (and former CVE
President) Peg Myers easily wins first place
in the high maintenance
category for most
expensive inservice/travel request ($2,124)
in the January 23, 2013 board agenda.  M. Saucedo went to
the same CABE conference, and stayed for one day longer, but
came back with a travel request of
$1,020, less than half of
what Myers spent.
The following people were even more thrifty:
N. Rojas $550
S. Johnson $879
R. Ponce, R $100
(perhaps stayed with friend/relative)
M. Stoneburg $879
S. Velazquez $879
How did Peg Myers spend over
$700 per day in Long Beach?  
Regular Meeting
May 22, 2013 6P.M.
Dr.Lowell J. Billings Board Room

A. President Luffborough..

Members Absent: None
Others Present:
Dr. Francisco Escobedo, Superintendent
Mr. Oscar Esquivel, Asst. Supt. Business
Dr. John M. Nelson Ill, Asst. Supt.,

Mrs. Sandra L. Villegas-Zuniga, Asst.
Supt., Human Resources
Mrs. Soreli M. Norton,
Asst. to the Superintendent

Mrs. Mauricia Saucedo, Community
Relations Liaison
Jan. 2014 update: I didn't see this coming.  
Just like Charlie Padilla (above) and Dennis
Doyle (below) Monica Sorenson
cleared out
of her job suddenly in the middle of the year.
Another three-way tie--all winners are
from Castle Park Elementary
Bartkiewicz,   Marilyn        FOURTH-FIFTH               
Miller,  Trees        KINDERGARTEN-FIRST       
Rodriguez,  Lilia        FIRST   
CVESD minutes Dec. 6, 2011
(non-searchable?!)  Fagen Friedman Fulfrost re
negotiations; also conference with legal counsel--existing
litigation-- final settlement in OAH case 2011081176,
which was unanimously approved in open session
April 2014
The Chula Vista Star-News does a much better job than the
San Diego Reader at covering Common Core at CVESD

I was intrigued by the difference between the
San Diego Reader and the Chula Vista Star-News
in reporting the implementation of Common Core
standards in Chula Vista schools.

Star-News Reporter Robert Moreno provided
a much more balanced view of the issue than
did the Reader's Susan Luzzaro.
Parent Kristin Phatek
May 4, 2014
Human Resources Services and
Support Management

Sandra Villegas-Zuniga, Assistant
Superintendent of Human
Resources Services and Support

Gloria Ciriza, Director of Human

Peg Myers, Director of Human
Resources - (619) 425-9600, ext
Cathy Arana, Manager of Risk
Management and Benefits
Former CVESD employees
ex-superintendent Libia Gil
and Marianna Vinson are
making a splash at the US
Department of Education
Libia Gil's years at Chula Vista Elementary
School District were clouded
by her passivity during the rampages of
Asst. Supt for Human Resources
Werlin, but I admired her for enduring the
wrath of many teachers when she stopped
the practice of suspending children for
every little infraction.
Two school officials on to new jobs
Press Enterprise
July 5, 2014

...Marianna Vinson, whose single mother used to sell plaster statues on Winchester
Road to support her children, will join the federal Department of Education as
deputy director for the Office of English Language Acquisition, a political
appointment in the Obama administration. She has been San Jacinto’s assistant
superintendent of educational services since 2012...

Vinson, 38, an educator for more than 15 years, was planning to leave, but
not for D.C. She was [not] accepted into the Harvard University doctorate
program this fall, but during the application process, she reconnected with
former co-worker Libia Gil, who was with Chula Vista Elementary School
District when Vinson started teaching bilingual kindergarten years ago.
Gill  [sic] will be her new boss.

Vinson said she applied to the Harvard program because she didn’t want to go to
her deathbed wondering “what if.”
She will reapply for admission in 2016. Her
husband and two young children will join her back East.

Her new office is considered the “warehouse and information for the best English-
learner services,” she said. The office administers grants for higher education
training and Native American education...

One of the accomplishments she is most proud of is the almost two dozen banners
posted in May on San Jacinto city streetlights heralding college aspirations of San
Jacinto High seniors...

She also is proud of how the entire district has taken to heart the focus on student
writing, with a catch phrase of “our pens are on fire.” Even the custodians ask the
children what they are writing about.

After high school in Chula Vista, Vinson was awarded a scholarship to Stanford
University, where she earned a bachelor’s in political science. She later earned a
master’s in educational administration from National University.

She taught in Chula Vista, where she was raised, before she was hired by San
Jacinto Unified in 2003. She was assistant principal at elementary schools before
she served as Hyatt principal. She transferred to the district office in 2007 as
director of curriculum and instruction.
Exactly how much money did Peg "Margaret" Myers get for switching
sides at the CVE-CVESD bargaining table, shocking the teachers who
trusted her as president of the local teachers union?

Margaret L Myers  
DIRECTOR - CERT  Chula Vista Elementary, 2013         
Base pay $114,295.62   benefits     $16,910.79      total   $131,206.41
--from Transparent California

Note: Peg has changed her name to Margaret at the district office since she resigned as
CVE president.  She is also reimbursed for trips (see blue box below).
News, information and ideas about our
education system
by Maura Larkins
August 2014
Chula Vista Teachers Enter Mediation With District
August 5, 2014
By Matthew Bowler

The main issues are:

1: Class Size
Chula Vista Elementary has one of the lowest teacher to student ratios in the county.
For every teacher there are 22 students in Kindergarten through third grade; 28
students per teacher from fourth to sixth grades.

2: Medical Costs
The union said on its Facebook page that “teachers with 2 dependents pay nearly
$10,000 compared to San Diego Unified where such teachers with a similar Kaiser plan
pay $0.” The administration disputes this, pointing out that “two-thirds of employees pay
no out-of-pocket expenses, or actually receive $1,200 annually through our unique
health waiver/opt out program.“  Chula Vista Elementary School teachers with
dependents could spend as much as $760 a month for Anthem Blue Cross - Select
Network HMO coverage. According to a report by the internet insurance broker
Ehealthinsurance.com, 72 percent of individual plans cost between $100 and $400 a

3: Teacher Salaries
The union said its members have not received a raise in seven years; they want a 7
percent raise...The district proposed a 2-percent pay raise. They said if the union
accepted those terms the Chula Vista Elementary “would have the highest
compensated teachers in the South County.“...
Only a fence between them; High-schoolers and elementary
students share same Chula Vista campus
By Susan Luzzaro
San Diego Reader
Feb. 20, 2015

At Silver Wing Elementary School on February 18, parents crowded into an auditorium
to hear about Chula Vista Elementary School District’s plans to build a two-story high
school charter on the elementary campus..

At the February 11 board meeting, trustees were asked to approve $3,431,011 for the
charter high school.

Newly elected trustees Leslie Bunker, Francisco Tamayo, and Eduardo Reyes
voted to postpone the decision
until the district received input from the Silver Wing
community.  Chula Vista Elementary executive director Matthew Tessier and Silver
Wing principal Ruth Diaz De Leon addressed the Silver Wing parents...

In his presentation, Tessier reminded parents that
Silver Wing Elementary has a
dual-immersion (Spanish/English) program and noted that in 2013 some
parents had asked how they could get their children into the dual-immersion
high school. Tessier went on to point out that it's
not possible at this time.

“There’s really a big difference between a zone [public] school and a charter school
that’s been authorized by the Chula Vista board. Silver Wing is a zone school. If a child
moves into the Silver Wing zip code, then the district has an obligation to accept that
child into the school. So, if I move in across the street, my child has a right to come
here to Silver Wing.

“A charter school is different. Charter schools are typically run on a lottery. So, just
because you move into a specific area doesn’t mean you have a right to go to that
charter school.”

...Tessier told the parents in order to get their children into the high school “you would
have to petition the board of education to have some sort of relationship. So, an
example might be 20 percent of dual-language students at Silver Wing have a special
lottery to attend [Chula Vista Learning Community Charter] high school. It’s not
currently part of the charter, so I can’t say.”

Parents also raised concerns about having high-school students in close proximity to
elementary students. Several speakers worried that children had witnessed “public
displays of affection” through the fence...

Another parent identified as Mr. Pulido asked how much square footage was being
taken from Silver Wing. Neither of the presenters was able to respond...
Dec. 2014

Eduardo Reyes

Leslie Bunker

Francisco Tamayo

Glendora M.

Marissa Bejarano