(From left to right): Rachel Baine, Debbie Rossignol, Carl
Avecilla, Virgie Mosley, Eduardo Arambula, Anna Parker,
Primo Roxas and Mary Sanchez Bonilla.
National Patient Advocacy Week
APRIL 2012

National Patient Advocacy week – April
9 through 15 – recognizes the integral
role of patient advocate professionals
in contributing to a high-quality patient
and family experience. While all of us
are committed to advocating and
assisting our patients, this is the week
to celebrate our UCLA Health System
Patient Liaisons who advocate for
patient safety, improving patient
experience and provide support to the
staff in enriching our patients’ lives.
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UCLA Patient Advocates
If the following is an example of UCLA's attitude toward doctors,
what can patients expect?  

Are patient advocates really just window dressing?

African-American doctor depicted as gorilla at UCLA event

A respected African American faculty surgeon filed a racial discrimination suit against the
UCLA Medical Center and UC Regents. Dr. Christian Head has been intentionally degraded
based on his race and UCLA officials have ignored blatant acts of racial discrimination,
including an edited photo depicting Dr. Head as a gorilla being sodomized by his supervisor.
That alone is offensive. But the fact that the photo was publicly presented for laughs during
an annual medical school sponsored event attended by more than 200 physicians, faculty,
residents and guests is both shocking and indefensible. Hear what Dr. Head has endured
and what UCLA officials continue ignore.

Black UCLA Professor Files Lawsuit After Being Depicted
as Sodomized Gorilla
May 19, 2012
By Kirsten West Savali

Head is the first and only Black tenured professor in UCLA’s Otolaryngology (Head and
Neck) surgery department. His lawsuit specifically names colleagues Dr. Marilene Wang and
Dr. Gerald Burke, accusing them of making inappropriate and racist comments over the
years about Black Americans.

He filed the 40-page complaint filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, reports the Los
Angeles Times, accusing UC Regents of “failing to prevent discrimination, harassment and

...University spokesman Phil Hampton, claimed that an investigation concluded that there was
no evidence to “substantiate unlawful activity.” He also claims that Head was told to take his
issues to the Academic Senate committee and had declined to do so...

UCLA surgeon Dr. Christian Head’s lawsuit against UC
regents gains support through petition
Daily Bruin
May 24, 2012

...Chancellor Gene Block said in a statement Tuesday that the university investigated the
claims but was unable to substantiate them...

[Maura Larkins' comment: Hmmm.  A code of silence among doctors?  I imagine this is
not good for patients who have been harmed by doctors.]

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block seems to have suddenly seen things
Black Surgeon Christian Head Wins $4.5 Million Racial
Discrimination Lawsuit from UCLA Medical School
July 19, 2013
Hinterland Gazette Staff

Former UCLA surgeon Dr. Christian Head won a $4.5 million racial discrimination lawsuit from
UCLA medical school which superimposed his face onto a gorilla which was being sodomized
by a department chairman in a slide show presentation.

Dr. Head filed the lawsuit against the UC Board of Regents in April after claiming he was
publicly humiliated by the portrayal. In the lawsuit, Head accused the university of failing to
prevent discrimination, harassment and retaliation against him. The complaint alleges that
during a resident graduation event in 2006, a slide show was created by the residents and
reviewed by staff, including the photo of his face superimposed onto a gorilla.

Two UCLA professors were also named in the lawsuit.  Dr. Gerald Berke and Dr. Marilene
Wang were accused of making ‘inappropriate racial comments and insinuations about blacks’
and Christian Head for years.

Virgie Mosley
Manager, Patient Affairs
UCLA Health System
757 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, Ca 90095
PH 310-267-9113 Fax 310-267-3613

Hospital and nursing home complaints have an ear
If you have an issue with a facility, there are ways to address it. Help can come from facility staff, state
regulators, insurers and other agencies.
March 15, 2010
By Tammy Worth
Los Angeles Times

...UCLA Health System hospitals have similar offices to resolve complaints or grievances,
said Virgie Mosley, manager of patient affairs for the health system. When you or a family
member contacts the patient affairs office, the
chair of the clinical team responsible for
that unit reviews your records. The hospital will then provide a written response
to you or schedule a conference...
In the Event of a
In the event of a campus
department or UC employee
is served with a
lawsuit/complaint that arises
out of employment with the
University, please contact
General Liability
Program Manager at  IRM
immediately for
IRM will need
the date the
lawsuit/complaint was
served and the method of
service (by mail or in

Once IRM is notified of
lawsuit service, the case will
be reviewed and assigned
to defense counsel and our
third party administrator for
investigation and handling.
IRM will contact the campus
department and UC
employee(s) to advise them
of the next steps. A 'Notice
of University Litigation' letter
will be sent out to the
campus department which
explains the litigation
process and what to expect.
IRM will then set a
'Coordination Meeting' with
all the key players to
discuss the case. It is
essential that the  campus
department secures all
written documents,
Electronically Stored
Information (ESI), equipment
or products associated with
this lawsuit. Do not destroy
or purge any notes, files,
photographs, audiotapes or
other materials that are
associated with this lawsuit.

Insurance and Risk
Campus Risk Manager
Phone: (310) 794-6948
[310 794 8013] | Fax: (310)
10920 Wilshire Boulevard,
8th Floor
Suite 860
Los Angeles, CA 90024
UCLA Mail Code: 135248

UCLA health care

Carrie Recksieck
Principal Counsel, UCLA
Health System
10920 Wilshire Boulevard,
Suite 420
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Phone: (310) 794-3138
Fax: (310) 794-3313
E-mail Carrie Recksieck

Carrie Recksieck joined the
UCLA Health System in
1997 after previously
serving as Hospital Legal
Counsel for the University of
California Davis Medical
Center. Prior to joining the
University of California, Ms.
Recksieck worked both as
in-house counsel and
outside counsel for Health
Net. She also practiced
healthcare law as an
attorney at the Watts Health
Foundation. Ms. Recksieck
earned her undergraduate
degree from the University
of California, San Diego (B.
A. 1982), her law degree
from California Western
School of Law (J.D. 1985)
and her master's degree in
Public Health from the UCLA
School of Public Health (M.P.
H. 1989).

Meghan L. Archdeacon
Senior Counsel, UCLA
Health System
10920 Wilshire Boulevard,
Suite 420
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Phone: (310) 794-2898
Fax: (310) 794-3313
E-mail Meghan Archdeacon

Meghan Archdeacon
became Associate Counsel
for UCLA Health System in
September 2007. Prior to
joining the University of
California, Ms. Archdeacon
was an Associate General
Counsel at the University of
Chicago Medical Center.
She has also worked as
Regulatory Counsel for
Tenet Healthcare
Corporation and as an
Associate at the law firm of
Latham & Watkins. Ms.
Archdeacon graduated from
Barnard College, Columbia
University (B.A. 1991) and
The University of Michigan
Law School (J.D. 1996).

Jane E. Boubelik
Chief Health Sciences
Counsel, UCLA Health
10920 Wilshire Boulevard,
Suite 420
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Phone: (310) 794-3138
Fax: (310) 794-3313
E-mail Jane Boubelik

Jane E. Boubelik has served
as Chief Counsel for the
UCLA Health System since
January 2008. Prior to
joining the University of
California, Ms. Boubelik was
a partner at the law firm of
McDermott, Will & Emery
LLP, and was a member of
the Firm's Health Law
Department for fifteen
years. Ms. Boubelik earned
her undergraduate degree
from UCLA and her law
degree from McGeorge
School of Law.

Shari L. Faris
Senior Counsel, UCLA
Health System
10920 Wilshire Boulevard,
Suite 420
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Phone: (310) 794-3138
Fax: (310) 794-3313
E-mail Shari Faris

Shari Faris has served as
Associate Counsel for the
UCLA Health System since
1999. Prior to joining the
University of California, Ms.
Faris worked at Public
Counsel, a public interest
law firm, as the Director for
the Community
Development Programs.
She also practiced as a
healthcare associate for
several years at the law firm
of Jones Day in Los
Angeles, after graduating
from Loyola Law School in
1993. Ms. Faris previously
worked as a registered
nurse and graduated from
UC Berkeley (BA 1984).

Kevin S. Reed
Vice Chancellor-Legal
Affairs and Associate
General Counsel
Phone: (310) 206-1355
Fax: (310) 206-6030
E-mail Kevin Reed

Kevin Reed joined the
University of California, Los
Angeles, in March 2008, as
Vice Chancellor-Legal
Affairs and Associate
General Counsel. Mr. Reed
oversees UCLA's provision
of campus-wide legal
assistance and ombuds
services, the prevention of
sexual harassment and
compliance with Title IX.
Prior to joining UCLA, Mr.
Reed served as General
Counsel of the Los Angeles
Unified School District, the
nation's second largest
school district. A civil rights
lawyer by training, Mr. Reed
was a partner at
Strumwasser & Woocher
LLP specializing in civil
litigation and counseling on
complex issues of education
law, constitutional law,
insurance regulation and
advice to nonprofits. Mr.
Reed spent six years as the
managing attorney for the
Western Regional office of
the NAACP Legal Defense
and Educational Fund, Inc.
Mr. Reed received his J.D.
degree, cum laude, from
Harvard Law School and his
B.A. with high distinction,
from the University of
Virginia. He is a member of
the California, New York and
Massachusetts state bars.

Max M. Reynolds
Deputy General Counsel,
Health Law and Medical
Center Services
Phone: (510) 987-0930
Fax: (510) 987-9757
E-mail Max Reynolds

Max Reynolds has served as
a University Counsel in the
Office of the General
Counsel since 2005. Prior to
joining the office, Mr.
Reynolds was a partner in
the law firm McDermott Will &
Emery LLP in Washington, D.
C. Mr. Reynolds' primary
areas of practice involve
health care transactions,
fraud and abuse compliance
counseling, Medicare
reimbursement, and
physician compensation. He
is a graduate of Emory
University (B.A. 1992) and
the University of Virginia
School of Law (J.D. 1996).

Rani Singh
Principal Counsel, Health
Law & Medical Center
Phone: (510) 987-9729
Fax: (510) 987-9757
E-mail Rani Singh

Rani Singh joined the Office
of General Counsel in 2009,
and serves as a Counsel in
the practice areas of
Medicare reimbursement,
health information privacy
and fraud and abuse
counseling. Prior to joining
OGC, Ms. Singh was a
member of the health law
practice in Sidley Austin's
San Francisco office. She
earned her undergraduate
degree from Pomona
College (B.A. 2001) and her
law degree from the
Berkeley School of Law (J.
D. 2005). Ms. Singh also
served as a judicial law clerk
to Justice Simons of the
California Court of Appeal
from 2005 to 2006.

Corporate Financial Services
Email: corpfin@finance.ucla.
Phone: (310) 794-8686 |
Fax: (310) 794-8697
Mail Code: 143348
10920 Wilshire Boulevard,
Suite 600
Los Angeles, CA 90024-

UCLA - Payroll Services
Address 10920 Wilshire
Boulevard, Suite 620. Los
Angeles, CA 90024-6505.
Office Hours Monday –
Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m..
Saturday & Sunday Closed

UCLA - Finance
Dec 21 | Learn about the
turnaround time for UCLA
purchase orders. ...
Address 10920 Wilshire
Boulevard, Suite 600. Los
Angeles, CA 90024-6505 ...

UCLA - Accounts Payable
Los Angeles, CA 90095-
1433. Address (Non-U.S.
Mail Service) UCLA Wilshire
Center 10920 Wilshire
Boulevard, Suite 500. Los
Angeles, CA 90024-6541 ...
+Show map of 10920
Wilshire Blvd # 1000, Los
Angeles, CA 90024

UCLA Campus Map: Banks,
ATMs & Post Offices
10920 Wilshire Boulevard,
Los Angeles, CA 90024.
Located in UCLA Wilshire
Center, 1st floor next to post
office and UCLA Travel
Center. ucu.

UCLA Foundation - Contacts

The UCLA Foundation
UCLA Wilshire Center
10920 Wilshire Boulevard,
Suite 900. Los Angeles,
California 90024-6519. Staff
to the members of the
Board of ...
UCLA Foundation - UCLA
and The UCLA Foundation's
Disclosure ...

The UCLA Foundation The
mission of The UCLA
Foundation is to actively
promote ... External Affairs,
10920 Wilshire Blvd., Suite
1100, Los Angeles, CA
UCLA Foundation -
Corporations & Foundation

UCLA Wilshire Center
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Suite 1400. Los Angeles,
California 90024 (310) 794-
2315 (310) 794 6923 Fax
10920 Wilshire Blvd Los
Angeles CA 90024 -
$2900/mo Apartment ...

May 4, 2011 – 5 MIN WALK
10920 Wilshire Blvd Los
Angeles CA 90024 has a
Walk Score of 94. This
location is ...
UCLA Health System -
Human Resources: Benefits

UCLA Health System Human
Resources · Research and
Education: David Geffen
School of Medicine ... 10920
Wilshire Blvd, Suite 400.
Los Angeles, CA 90024 ...
Payment and Invoice
Information for Vendors |
UCLA Health System ...
Questions or concerns
regarding payment: UCLA
Health Systems Accounts
Payable 10920 Wilshire
Blvd, Suite 1700. Los
Angeles, CA 90024-6541
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UCLA Health System Attorneys

Jane E. Boubelik
Chief Counsel, UCLA Health System
jboubelik@ (*)

Carrie L. Recksieck
Principal Counsel, UCLA Health System
crecksieck@ (*)

Shari L. Faris
Senior Counsel, UCLA Health System
sfaris@ (*)

Meghan L. Archdeacon
Senior Counsel, UCLA Health System
marchdeacon@ (*)


Intake / Requests for Assistance

Noel L. Serrano
Legal Office Manager
nserrano@ (*)

Jo-Anne E. Smith
Administrative Specialist
jesmith@ (*)

Mailing Address

Office of Legal Affairs
UCLA Health System
Box 951632, Suite 420
UCLA Wilshire Center
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1632

Tel: (310) 794-3138
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