Chula Vista Educators President Gina Boyd had a law
degree, but not a law license, when she pretended she
was Maura Larkins' union representative on April
25,2001.  It turned out that Boyd was aiding and
abetting Robin Donlan and others who had committed
crimes against Larkins.
Gina Boyd faxes
Beverly Tucker faxes
Lawsuit Against Chula
Vista Educators
and former President
Gina Boyd 2007
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CTA Lawyers
Ann Smith
Fern Steiner
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Lawsuit Against CTA and
CVE (Donlan coverup)
Chula Vista Educators
Why Teachers Leave
Letter to former CVE
President Gina Boyd
Castle Park Elementary
Chula Vista Elementary School District, San Diego County
California Teachers Association
--document produced June 30, 2004
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Gina Boyd faxes
Gina Boyd did not respond to the above letter.