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Gina Boyd 2007
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Gina Boyd, President
Chula Vista Educators
Gina Boyd (who is not a
lawyer, was determined to
make Maura Larkins pay for
the crimes of Linda Watson,
Robin Donlan and herself)
said to important for you to
come to this meeting today."

Maura Larkins was sick in
bed, and was beginning to
understand that Gina Boyd
had been setting her up
since the morning of
February 12, 2001 at
another meeting at the
district office.
see April 30, 2001 letter to
Beverly Tucker
Gina Boyd faxes
Beverly Tucker faxes
Kathleen Elton
Restraining Order
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Apr 3 01  to Werlin
Apr 4 01  from Werlin
What makes ordinary people become abusive?  Power.
"I don't care if you sue my ass off!"
--CVE President Gina Boyd to Maura Larkins
April 26, 2001

"Why would I want to sue you?"
Maura Larkins to Gina Boyd

(Maura Larkins believed that Boyd was trying to help her, so she was startled that to learn
that Boyd was worrying about a possible lawsuit by Maura Larkins.  It turned out that
Boyd, as well as CVESD,
had committed crimes against Maura Larkins.)
Stanford Professor
Found Out What
Power Does to Many
Ordinary People

Stanford Report,
August 22, 2001

"Thirty years ago,
a group of
young men were rounded
up by Palo Alto police and
dropped off at a new jail --
in the Stanford Psychology
Department. Strip
searched, sprayed for lice
and locked up with chains
around their ankles, the
"prisoners" were part of an
experiment to test people's
reactions to power
dynamics in social

" Other college student
volunteers -- the "guards"
-- were given authority to
dictate 24-hour-a-day rules.
They were soon humiliating
the "prisoners" in an effort
to break their will.

"Psychology Professor Philip
Zimbardo's Stanford Prison
Experiment of August 1971
quickly became a classic.
Using realistic methods,
Zimbardo and others were
able to create a prison
atmosphere that transformed
its participants. The young
men who played prisoners and
guards revealed how much
circumstances can distort
individual personalities --
and how anyone, when
given complete control
over others, can act like a

"In a few days, the role
dominated the person,"
Zimbardo -- now
president-elect of the
American Psychological
Association -- recalled. "They
became guards and
So disturbing
was the transformation that
Zimbardo ordered the
experiment abruptly
"There is no present at Castle Park, Gina.  There is only the past,
repeated over and over."
--Maura Larkins
April 22, 2002
Karen Horwitz, author of White Chalk Crime, notes Zimbardo's understanding
that "passivity is the natural state for most people, which is why dissent rarely
takes place."

This explains why the CVESD board and the CVE board helped cover up crimes
against Maura Larkins, instead of demanding Richard Werlin's and Gina Boyd's

It was easier to go along to get along, especially since CTA Executive Director
Carolyn Doggett and CTA Head Counsel Beverly Tucker sent a lawyer down to
Chula Vista to keep the board in line.

Minnehan to keep teachers in line.
San Diego
Education Report
"Rick Werlin said he would
he apparently had no
intention of doing so.  

"Al Smith charged toward
me, and passed close by
me, three times this past