SD Parent and Teacher Slam Carly Fiorina for
Rewarding Companies that Ship Jobs Overseas
Rather than CA Students

California Young Democrats Press Release
August 18, 2010

Contacts: Claire Conlon, Executive Director, 916/595-3090, or

Mike Kim, Communications Director, 510/409-1134,

San Diego Parent and Teacher Slam Carly Fiorina for Rewarding Companiesthat
Ship Jobs Overseas Rather than California Students
Fiorina calls "disgraceful" the new jobs bill that saveseducation jobs and ends tax
breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas

A San Diego area parent and teacher are slamming Carly Fiorina for opposing a
new jobs bill that will save over 900 education jobs in San Diego area public schools
and is fully paid forby closing a tax break for companies that ship jobs overseas.  
The bill will save 16,500 education jobs in California.

"Carly Fiorina may say the jobs bill is 'disgraceful' but the real disgrace is that she is
willing toprotect tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas rather than
protect teaching jobs in San Diego to help our students learn in the classroom,"
said SamWard, a parent of two students at Calavera Hills elementary school.

"Fiorina is hurting our children and students when she cares more about shipping
jobs overseas rather than protecting teaching jobs in San Diego schools.  But her
position is not surprising as she laid off nearly 33,000 workers and also boasted
about sending jobs overseas during her time atHewlett-Packard, calling it
'right-shoring,'" said Chula Vista area teacher Jennefer Porch.

On August 10, President Obama signed into law "The American Jobs and Closing
Tax Loopholes Act," a bill that gives urgent fiscal relief to enable 160,000 teachers
tokeep their jobs.  In California,16,500 educators will keep their jobs. According to
the Los Angeles Times, "the bill is fully paid for mainly by ending some tax breaks
for companies operating overseas."(August 11, 2010)

On August 6, Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina announced her opposition
to the bill.  According to the Associated Press, Fiorina called the bill "disgraceful."  
(August 6, 2010)

The National Education Association estimates that this law will save 945 educator
jobs in the SanDiego area, including 272 jobs in Congressional District 49 (Issa),
173 jobs in Congressional District 49 (Bilbray),167 jobs in Congressional District 52
(Hunter), and 333 jobs in Congressional District 53 (Davis).


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New president is Jennefer Porch
June 18, 2012

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Fabiola Barredez, Instructional

Bradley Benton, Community Member

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Sid Porch, School Administrator

Arlin Reece, Parent

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Bruce Smith, Parent/College Teacher

Ana Stover, School District

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Ed Thornton, Grandparent

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Lisa Wofford, School Psychologist

Marieka Yoder, Parent
Blog post--new president
Jennefer Porch.
Why is Jennefer Porch concealing
the names of the newly-elected
officers?  My guess: perhaps
Donlan is on the list.