Michael J. Perez, Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps, San Diego, Calif.
I have rarely seen the advantage of bifurcation. One potential advantage
would be to keep the bad facts out of the second phase. My experience is that that
stuff usually comes out anyway. It's very tough to keep stuff from a jury. Trying to
limit what information the jury gets will result in you appearing disingenuous. I think
that the jury looks to credibility of not just the client but the lawyer as well. Anything
you can do to maintain credibility you should do. And I think that not bifurcating a
trial helps.

Nicholas W. Hornberger, Hornberger and Brewer, Los Angeles
In California, you're always involved in a bifurcated trial on the issue of
punitive damages. It's been code for several years now
As for bifurcating a trial on liability and damages, I've had that four or five times as
a plaintiff's attorney and a few as a defense attorney. As a plaintiff's attorney I'd
never ask for a bifurcated trial. As a defense attorney, sure, I'd do it if I could get
away with it. If you were a defense attorney in a case brought by a guy in a
wheelchair where your defense didn't have a lot of oomph to it, then you wouldn't
want to be in a non-bifurcated trial.
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Board Members                                                  Appointment Date  Expiration Date

Joyce Singer Abrams District 1 La Jolla                             03/14/05  07/22/09
Jaime Thomas Minotti District 2 RESIGNED                          11/12/02  07/22/06
Teresa Oyos District 7 Rolando *                                          07/22/11
Lorraine R. Johnson District 4 Rolando *                               07/22/11
                                                                                           08/04/03 07/22/07
Kendra A. Jeffcoat District 5 Rancho Bernardo RESIGNED  11/12/02 07/22/06
Les Williamson District 6 Serra Mesa                                  10/10/05 07/22/09
Keith Turnham District 7 San Carlos                                  11/20/00 07/22/07
Alejandro Balvaneda District 8                                          07/26/04 07/22/06
Mark K. Dillon City of Poway                                                  06/27/07 07/22/10
Carolina Ramos District 5 Rancho Bernardo  *                  07/22/10
Thomas Felkner District2 Bankers Hill   *                          07/22/10
Bruce M. Abrams District 2 Downtown San Diego          10/10/05 07/22/09
Nicole Murray Ramirez District 1 *                                  07/22/11
                                                                                     08/04/03 07/22/07
Michael J. Perez Jamul RESIGNED                                  02/25/02 07/22/09
Gary D. Lynn District 7 San Carlos *                                  07/22/11
                                                                                     09/22/03 07/22/07
* Date of council action appointment not confirmed without Mayor's final approval,
anticipated within
12 days of Council action date.
15 Members, 4 Year Term
Appointed by Mayor, Confirmed by Council
San Diego Municipal Code 26.0905
If Mayor does not appoint in 45 days, Council can appoint
San Diego Charter Section 43
Register Revised 7/20/07
Last Update 6/27/07 R-302752
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