Henry Lewis "Skip"
Gates, Jr.
Cambridge dropped
charges against Gates,
arrested in his own home
for accusing cop of being
Judith Miller, New York Times

It turns out she was
protecting the Bush
administration, and violating
rules of journalistic ethics.  
But jail served as an excellent
weight-loss resort.  Doesn't
she look good?

The Source of the
By Franklin Foer
New York Magazine
May 21, 2005

Pulitzer Prize winner Judith
Miller’s series of
about weapons of mass
destruction in Iraq—
courtesy of the now-
notorious Ahmad Chalabi—
helped... the Bush
administration bolster the
case for war.
How the very
same talents that caused her
to get the story also caused
her to get it wrong...
Lubna Hussein

Huffington Post

A Sudanese
female journalist
facing 40 lashes for wearing
trousers in public
in violation
of the country's strict Islamic
laws told a packed Khartoum
courtroom Wednesday she is
resigning from a U.N. job that
grants her immunity so she
can challenge the law on
women's public dress code.

Lubna Hussein was among 13
women arrested July 3 in a
raid by members of the public
order police force on a popular
Khartoum cafe for wearing
trousers, considered indecent
by the strict interpretation of
Islamic law adopted by
Sudan's Islamic regime. All but
three of the women were
flogged at a police station two
days later...
Not Arrested
County Supervisor Bill Horn
Bill Horn's Bogus Civil
Rights Story
Jul 13, 2011
by Keegan Kyle

..."During the civil rights
movement I worked for Ralph
Abernathy and went to jail
over the rights of the
minority ... to be heard,"
told the audience. "Now I don't
take offense here 'cause you
can speak whatever you want
about us, but I just want you to
know my background and the
fact that I consider every citizen,
no matter what the color might
be, an equal right here."

His claim got traction. The
Union-Tribune repeated his
account in a story about the
redistricting meeting, quoting
Horn as saying he had been
arrested during a civil rights
protest in the early 1960s...

"From 1962 through 1964, Horn
was a student organizer and civil
rights activist for C.O.R.E. (the
Congress of Racial Equality)
and was arrested during a
protest march in 1963," his
campaign website for county
supervisor said in 2002,
according to internet archives.

So we asked Horn if he had a
written record of his arrest.
No, he said in an interview.
San Diego police never
handcuffed him,
fingerprinted him or booked
him into a jail.

While a student at San Diego
State University in the early
1960s, Horn joined the San
Diego chapter of C.O.R.E. to
protest for civil rights. Horn said
he joined fellow members of
C.O.R.E. for a downtown protest
outside the Bank of America,
which employed few
African-American people at the
time. Similar protests against the
company erupted across the
country in 1964.

Horn said another protester
threw a brick through the bank's
window, so San Diego police
detained each protester for
questioning and took them to a
police station.
"We went
voluntarily," he said. "We
were never jailed.
We were
just taken in."

The frustrating part, he said,
was that police made the
protesters walk a long way
back to their cars

John Culea, a spokesman for
Horn, said the supervisor knew
of only two men who could
corroborate the story. They
were Hal Brown, chairman of the
local C.O.R.E. chapter at the
time, and Rosey Grier, the
former football star who went on
to become an aide and
bodyguard to Robert F.
Kennedy. Culea wrote:

[Horn] knows that Brown and
former NFL star Rosey Grier
came to his office many years
ago to reminisce about the
incident. The Supervisor has a
football in his office with the
faded signature of Grier.
Unfortunately, both of those men
have passed away, and short of
a séance, there's no way to
confirm with them the events of
a half century ago.

That was news to them.

"I'll be darned," Brown said.
"Something's going on because I
certainly haven't passed away

Both men are alive and well.
Brown, 77, lives in Del Cerro
and Grier, 78, lives in Los
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San Diego County Supervisor
Bill Horn's story of arrest
wasn't true
Clooney arrested at anti-Sudan
protest in Washington
By Kevin Fogarty
Mar 16, 2012

Hollywood movie star George
Clooney was arrested at
Sudan's embassy in
Washington on Friday during a
protest against an escalating
emergency as the country
blocks humanitarian aid from
reaching a volatile border region
where hundreds of thousands
of people are short of food.

Clooney, his father Nick and
other anti-Sudan activists
ignored three police warnings to
leave the embassy grounds and
were led away to a Secret
Service van in handcuffs, a
Reuters journalist covering the
demonstration said.

"We need humanitarian aid to
be allowed into the Sudan
before it becomes the worst
humanitarian crisis in the
world," Clooney told reporters
just before his arrest.

"The second thing we are here
to ask is for the government in
Khartoum to stop randomly
killing its own innocent men,
women and children. Stop
raping them and stop starving
them. That's all we ask."...

Activists have drawn parallels
between the current crisis and
the violence almost a decade
ago in the western region of
Darfur, where Khartoum
sparked international
condemnation by violently
suppressing a rebellion in a
conflict that the United Nations
estimates killed some 300,000


The United States has voiced
serious concerns about the
deteriorating conditions in the
border region, where Sudanese
troops are fighting rebels
aligned with its
newly-independent neighbor
South Sudan.

Clooney, who recently visited the
area, told a Senate hearing this
week that Sudan's forces were
launching repeated attacks on
unarmed civilians and
preventing aid from reaching a
region where U.S. officials say
as many as 250,000 people
face severe food shortages.

Clooney, who has long been a
prominent celebrity activist
critical of the Khartoum
government, had been widely
expected to provoke police into
arresting him.

Others arrested on Friday
included several U.S.
congressmen, the son of slain
U.S. civil rights hero Martin
Luther King, Jr, and John
Prendergast, the co-founder of
the Enough Project and a
veteran human rights
campaigner, protest organizers

Tom Andrews, president of
United to End Genocide,
another group involved in the
protest, said it was time for the
United States government to
turn up the heat on Khartoum to
stop the violence and allow
humanitarian access...
Dr. David Feifel MD, PhD Dr. Feifel is an
Associate Professor in the UCSD School
of Medicine in the Department of
Psychiatry. He received a doctorate in
Neurobiology and a Medical Degree from
the University of Toronto. He joined UCSD
in 1992 and currently he is Director of the
Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Medicine
Program. At UCSD he teaches, cares for
patients and conducts research. He lives
in La Jolla with his wife and three kids

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Politician Arrested for
Setting up Voter
Registration Table
By Lauren Steussy
Dec 1, 2011

A former congressional
candidate was arrested
at Civic Center Plaza
Tuesday after he set up
a voter registration table
in the hub of Occupy San

Ray Lutz was placed
under citizen’s arrest at
about 1:30 p.m. for
“privately operated
business premises” open
to the general public for
purposes contrary to
those of the owner’s, or
city municipal code
52.0.01(a), according to
Lt. Andra Brown with the
San Diego Police

Fellow activists were
enraged after the arrest,
tweeting and sending out
emails saying the arrest
was a deterrent to
democratic participation.
Wednesday morning,
Lutz was released from
custody, according to the
San Diego County Sheriff’
s website.

In a message to his
Facebook followers, Lutz
wrote that everyone he
met in jail couldn’t believe
he was arrested for
registering voters. He
believed he was on
public property, he said.
“I still can't believe the
audacity,” he wrote. “The
worst part was the
handcuffs in the back of
the car, where they let
me sit for at least an

Police tore down
occupiers’ tents Oct. 14,
citing city municipal
codes regarding
encroachment on [public]

“It is unlawful for any
person to erect, place,
allow to remain,
construct, establish, plant
or maintain any
vegetation or object on
any public street, alley,
sidewalk, highway, or
other public property or
public right-of-way,
except as otherwise
provided by the Code,”
the original notice to
occupiers read.

Since the occupation
began in early October,
there have been over
100 arrests.
San Diego Education Report
San Diego
Education Report
Arrested for Setting up Voter
Registration Table at San
Diego Civic Center
Shari Barman (no
photo); this photo is
Bonnie Dumanis, the
who refuses to drop
charges against Ms.
Barman as of July 29,

Shari Barman was
arrested in her own home
at the request of a
political opponent.  
her lack of
journalistic integrity
Two people who weren't bothering
anyone were arrested in their own homes.
'Django Unchained'
Actress Daniele Watts
Explains Why She
Refused To Give LAPD
Huffington Post  
By Brennan Williams

As previously reported, last
week two Studio City police
officers in Los Angeles
detained and allegedly
mistook "Django Unchained"
star Daniele Watts for a
prostitute after they saw her
-- reportedly fully clothed --
kissing boyfriend and
celebrity chef Brian James
Lucas in a car...
Eve and Nashua Stand Trial in Columbus, Georgia
Contact: Maria Luisa at 202-710-2343
SOA Watch
Jan. 31, 2015

On Thursday morning [Jan. 28, 20-15], Eve Tetaz and
Nashua Chantal stood trial before US District Judge
Stephen Hyles in Columbus, Georgia. The prosecution
called for
Eve, an 83 year-old retired public school
teacher and longtime peace activist, and Nashua, a
62 year-old longtime SOA Watch activist,
to be
incarcerated for the six-month maximum for illegal entry
onto Ft. Benning on November 23, 2014. Ft. Benning is
home of the
School of the Americas, renamed the
Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation in

The prosecution called for them to be incarcerated for 6

During their sentencing by judge
Stephen Hyles, the
courtroom, as well as the JAG attorneys were
surprised when Nashua was sentenced to a 5 year
probation, and Eve was sentenced to a $5,000 fine.
Neither of them was sentenced to prison,
something that judge Hyles has been notorious for
imposing on nonviolent activists
since beginning his
tenure in 2010.

Represented by
Anna Lellelid and Bill Quigley, of the
SOA Watch Legal Collective
, Eve and Nashua were
accompanied by Fr. Roy, Coleman Smith of the
Pupetistas, SOA Watch Council Member Ken Hayes,
Irene Rodriguez of the SOA Watch Communications
Collective, Anton Flores of Georgia Detention
Watch/AlternCommunity, members of Nashua's
community in Americus, and SOA Watch Field Organizer
Maria Luisa Rosal.

During the press conference before entering the
courtroom, Anna Lellelid stated, "Eve is planning to plea
not guilty. Nashua crossed over a fence, and he was
protesting the violations of human rights committed by
graduates of the School of the Americas, and he will be
peading guilty, and hoping to serve community service
with Habitat for Humanity in his community and continue
to serve the people that he loves."

...[S]he affirmed, "torture is not a political tool. My own
President asks 'is this who we are?'. All of us would like
to say no, but if the School of the Americas is kept open,
then I am afraid the answer is yes. This is who we are."

Our work to close the SOA and to change oppressive US
foreign policy towards Latin America continues. In the
face of more violence against our brothers and sisters in
Latin America - the 43 disappeared students in
Ayotzinapa, the continued violence and repression in
Honduras, the impunity in Guatemala - we continue to
organize and to come up with creative forms of