SECTION 425.10-425.18

425.11.  (a) As used in this section:
 (1) "Complaint" includes a cross-complaint.
 (2) "Plaintiff" includes a cross-complainant.
 (3) "Defendant" includes a cross-defendant.
 (b) When a complaint is filed in an action to recover damages for
personal injury or wrongful death, the
defendant may at any time
request a statement setting forth the nature and amount of damages
being sought. The request shall be served upon the plaintiff, who
shall serve a responsive
statement as to the damages
within 15 days.
In the event that a response is not served, the defendant, on notice
to the plaintiff, may petition the court in which the action is
pending to order the plaintiff to serve a responsive statement.
 (c) If no request is made for the statement referred to in
subdivision (b), the plaintiff shall serve the statement on the
defendant before a default may be taken...
 (e) The statement referred to in subdivision (b) may be combined
with the statement described in Section 425.115.

425.12.  (a) The Judicial Council shall develop and approve official
forms for use in trial courts of this state for any complaint,
cross-complaint or answer in any action based upon
personal injury,
property damage,
wrongful death, unlawful detainer, breach of
contract or fraud.
b) The Judicial Council shall develop and approve an official
form for use as a statement of damages pursuant to Sections 425.11
and 425.115.
 (c) In developing the forms required by this section, the Judicial
Council shall consult with a representative advisory committee which
shall include, but not be limited to, representatives of the
plaintiff's bar, the defense bar, the public interest bar, court
administrators and the public. The forms shall be drafted in
nontechnical language and shall be made available through the office
of the clerk of the appropriate trial court.
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