Digging Up Dirt:
Breaking the law in order to sabotage others
Anthony Pellicano

Private Investigator Anthony Pellicano
was convicted on May 15, 2008 of
federal racketeering charges for
illegally searching law
enforcement databases
wiretapping Hollywood stars to help
clients in legal and other disputes.

A former Los Angeles police
sergeant also was convicted of
racketeering and conspiracy.

One-time superagent Michael Ovitz
insisted he didn't know about
Pellicano's methods and was not
Some have been
charged with crimes
for doing this
Arthur Tesler

Arthur Tesler, a former Atlanta police
officer, has told the truth at last
about a botched drug raid that led to
the death of a 92-year old woman.  
Police shot Kathryn Johnston 39
times on Nov. 26, 2006 as they
smashed into her house using a
"no-knock" warrant.

Tesler was threatened into silence
on the matter, instructed to memorize
a cover story.

Eventually he "couldn't take it
anymore" and told the truth.
Robin Donlan and Michael
Chula Vista's Cheryl Cox,
and California Teachers
Barbara Kerr
and Beverly Tucker
committed   similar
offenses, but have used
$100,000s of taxpayer
dollars to cover up the truth.
Some haven't
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