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The YWCA's Teen Leadership Depends On
Priscilla Lister
San Diego Metropolitan Magazine
May 1998

Six young women who participate in the YWCA's Teen Leadership Center in San
Ysidro will join the professional honorees at the TWIN luncheon this year. "We
are very excited to have all these girls invited to TWIN, each sitting at a table
purchased by businesses," says
Jessica Russell, director of the teen
leadership programs at the YWCA. "It will be great practice for them to talk to the

The Teen Leadership Center is one of the YWCA programs that TWIN proceeds
help support...

The Teen Leadership Center also is supported by grants from San Diego
County as well as private foundations. The center's mission is to "provide a safe
and secure environment for youth to learn alternatives to juvenile delinquent
behavior with the partnership of the schools, business community, positive peer
role models and adult leadership."

The center is located in the Villa Nueva Apartments complex in San Ysidro...The
Teen Leadership Center began there in 1978, and currently operates in the
complex a drop-in program...    "Since the early 1980s, our YWCA has had at
least one teen on the national teen council," says Russell. This council speaks
out on YWCA policies and "influences from a teen standpoint what adult
members are deciding."...

1998 TWIN Honorees

Judy Ayers
Union Bank of California

Bernadette Bach
City National Bank

Deirdre Ballou
San Diego Wild Animal Park

Tracy Bareno
San Diego Zoo

Joleen Schultz Batstone
Stoorza Ziegaus & Metzger

Michelle Bello
McGladrey & Pullen LLP

Thella Bowens
San Diego Unified Port District

Sandy Brock
First Class Packaging Inc.

Mary Brunkhorst
United States Postal Service, San Diego District

Chris Bryant
Bank of America

Marjorie Burchett
Luce Forward Hamilton & Scripps LLP

Ana Cairo
Scripps Clinic

Lynne Carrier
San Diego Metropolitan Magazine

June Chocheles

Carol Coleman
Frazee Industries Inc.

Rachel Fox Collins
Pardee Homes

Kathy Johnson Cooper
Solar Turbines Incorporated

Theresa Cordero
Sunrise Management Company

Louise Cormalis
JCPenney Company

Michele Crowder
Ralphs Grocery

Victoria Ann Cypherd
Ogden Environmental & Energy Services Co. Inc.

Roberta Degener
Burnham Pacific

Althia de Graft-Johnson
United States International University

Margaret Derango
Computer Sciences Corporation

Wendy DeWitt
San Diego Housing Commission

Kathy Dundovich
Kaiser Permanente

Mary Lou Dunford

Nancy Eagleton
Blue Shield of California

Bobbie Espinosa
San Diego Union-Tribune

Dana Ferrari
Wells Fargo Bank

Karen Filimon
Grossmont Bank

Michelle Fleck
Qualcomm Incorporated

Marianne Forsyth
Cubic Defense Systems

Diane Gilabert
Price Waterhouse LLP

Iris Gladney
J&H Marsh & McLennan Inc.

Pamela Gray
University of San Diego

Kristan Gregg
San Diego National Bank

Loretta Gross

Cynthia Guiang
The Townsend Agency

Jeanne Hall
Hughes Network Systems

Marcia Hall
Sharp HealthCare

Karen Hamilton
First Choice Executive Suites

Kathleen Hanley-Ames
John Burnham & Company

Jacqueline Harrington-Sykes
San Diego Housing Commission

Susan Harris
National University

Tracy Morgan Hollingworth
San Diego Association of Realtors

Carol Hopkins
Alliance Pharmaceutical Corp.

Carol Huff
Kaiser Permanente

Kelly Jacobs
Inland Entertainment Corporation

Shirley Jacobs
V.S. Business Enterprises Inc.

Katherine Jennings
Deloitte & Touche LLP

Diane Klimek
Advanta Mortgage Corp.

Patti Krebs
Industrial Environmental Association

Barbara Lupro
San Diego Metropolitan Transit Development Board

Ann Winslow MacCullough

Midori Mandracia
Kyocera America Inc.

Annette Mason
GDE Systems Inc.

Valorie McClelland
BFGoodrich Aerospace/ Aerostructures Group

Debbie McGraw-Block
University of California, San Diego

Teri McPherson
San Diego Concourse

Laura Metzger

Kelly Montgomery
Hotel del Coronado

Sandra Moore
Brookfield Homes

Sally Murphy
Chemtronics Inc.

Sharon Nash
Robert F. Driver Co. Inc.

Tracy Nation
Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich LLP

Rebecca Ropchan

Barbara Ryan
Children's Hospital and Health Center

Bonnie Schwartz
Schwartz Design Group

Joan Seifried
Retreads Inc.

Christine Shimasaki
San Diego Convention Center Corp.

Mary Shultz
St. Paul's Senior Homes & Services

Sheri Stinchcomb
Cox Communications

Micki Stockalper
Stock/Alper & Associates

Suzi Stunnich
Service America

Tina Tierney
Honeywell Home and Building Control

Ana Tolerico-Lyon
Barney & Barney

Randa Trapp
San Diego Gas & Electric Company

Norma Trost
San Diego Unified School District

Robin Tsuchida
SGPA Architecture & Planning

Shirley Uglietta
Cubic Transportation Systems

Karen Van Ert
Rick Engineering Company

Sharon Wallace
Sweetwater Union High School District

Sylvia Wallace
Kaiser Permanente

Denise Weiser
Quidel Corporation

Debby Williams
San Diego Data Processing Corp.

Christina Willis
Southeastern Economic Devel. Corp.

Donna Wilson
MSK Development Group Inc.

Maureen Wisener
Paradise Valley Hospital
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Executive Director (McGrath Family YMCA-Spring
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Mary Gentry-Roberts
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Tampa Bay Magazine - May-Jun 2006  
Vol. 21, No. 3 - ‎Magazine
..Mary Gentry Roberts, district executive
director of the YMCA of the Suncoast ...
Mary Gentry Roberts was born a Midwesterner—in
Rockford, Ill., just west of Chicago—but she’s also a bit of a
California girl, having lived for a while in Huntington Beach
when she was growing up. And throughout her life she’s
been a world traveler, both for adventure and for her job
with the YMCA.
“This organization is in 119 countries all doing work to best
serve their communities,” says Mary, who majored in
international business and Spanish at Illinois State
University and spent her last year of college in Salamanca,
During the past 23 years, Mary’s job at the Y has taken her
to St. Louis, Ann Arbor, Mich., Clearwater, Fla., and now
Richmond, where she is group vice president. Overseas
she has worked in London, Haiti and the Dominican
One of their proudest accomplishments was the year Mary
and her husband, Mike, took off to work as volunteers for
the YMCA in Zimbabwe.
“We sold our home in Michigan, got rid of all our all
belongings and raised enough money to support
ourselves,” says Mary. “Our role was to teach the staff and
volunteers how to be more self-sustainable...”
Much of Mary and Mike’s work in Zimbabwe involved
homeless children...

Back at home and outside of work, Mary has always been a
fitness buff. “I ran cross country in high school and then
started running marathons. Once I moved to Florida, where
there is such a big triathlon community, I got hooked on
those,” she says.
Also in Florida, she discovered yoga. “It helped in strength
and focus,” she says. But it wasn’t until she got to
Richmond—“no bike lanes and cold winter days”—that her
yoga practice overtook her triathlon training... I still do a
triathlon once or twice a year,” she says, “but the long-
distance ones are probably behind me.”
The youngest of five children, Mary is close with her family.
“My parents would  say they had two families—my three
sisters and then 17 years later, my brother and me,” Mary
says. “My dad called me his caboose.” Her parents had
been married for 67 years when her father passed away
last year. “Even though he had an amazing life, it was ever
so hard to lose him,” Mary says. A year later came another
blow with the sudden death of her older brother from a
heart attack. “I still can not believe he will not grow old with
me,” Mary says.
“My mom still has the house I grew up in,” Mary says, “but
after my dad passed away she went to stay with my sister in
Atlanta and liked it so much she hasn’t left.” Mary’s two other
sisters live Houston and Ann Arbor.
“I just love to spend time with my family, even though we
have our differences,” Mary says. “Mike and I love traveling
just the two of us but we also travel with my sister and
brother-in-law my adorable nephew, who is the light of my
“And now,” she adds, “every time I travel I go to a Bikram
class if there is a studio.”

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Former YMCA Executive Says Problems Remain At Organization
Tuesday, March 1, 2016
By Amita Sharma

Aired 3/1/16 on KPBS News

Details of an inquiry last year into the operation of the YMCA of San Diego County found no illegal
conduct at the organization. But the exit of a key executive may indicate the YMCA’s troubles

It’s been six months since an inquiry into the operation of the YMCA of San Diego County closed.
Details of the findings were kept secret except for this conclusion: there was no illegal conduct.

But the exit of a key executive, Glenda DeVeaux, the interim
executive director of the Oceanside branch, may indicate that the Y's
troubles remain.

KPBS Investigative Reporter Amita Sharma spoke with Morning Edition Anchor Deb Welsh about
this story. Here's that question-and-answer session.

Let’s rewind. What was last summer’s investigation of the YMCA supposed to look into and what
did it find?

The consultant hired by the YMCA’s corporate board in July was meant to investigate allegations
of forced resignations, mistreatment of minority employees and questionable management

The results of the probe were never released in the form of a report. But in careful language, the
consultant said her inquiry found “no financial fraud, no unlawful discrimination and no programs
and initiatives inconsistent with the mission of the YMCA.”

And you say just as the investigation got under way last July, another example was about to
unfold, illustrating – according to some – why a probe was even needed. What happened?

Upper managers at the YMCA’s headquarters were looking for an interim executive director for the
YMCA branch in Oceanside. That branch is called Mottino. They turned to Glenda DeVeaux. At
the time, DeVeaux supervised a staff of 250 as associate director of child and youth development
for the YMCA. DeVeaux accepted the job.

But she said when she arrived at Mottino, she found it in crisis.

DeVeaux: “The first month I went in, we were behind $50,000 in camp. They needed training. They
didn’t know how to do budgets. Take child and youth development. When I got there, the program
didn’t have any supplies. They didn’t have any resources. It was the same thing for some of the
sports programs. No one was asking the community, `What kind of sports programs are you
looking for? How can we meet your needs and why are we doing these programs?'"

How did the Mottino YMCA branch get to this point?

DeVeaux said heavy-handed management had caused high turnover which ultimately led to new
staff coming in and they were green. DeVeaux said she got no guidance from supervisors. She
said when she tried to tell them what was happening at Mottino, she was told she wasn’t supposed
to “get into operations.” She was just supposed to manage the board.

But DeVeaux said the board of management at Mottino already knew of the problems. She said
they wanted answers.

So DeVeaux said she again went to her supervisors.

DeVeaux: “I was told you’re not supposed to tell board members what was wrong. You act like
everything is fine. You put a smile on your face and you keep moving.”

What happened then?

Just months later, DeVeaux said she was given a poor performance review with no explanations
and asked to resign.
DeVeaux said she took her case to various executives
at the YMCA including Chief Executive Officer Baron Herdelin-Doherty
but got no resolution so she acquiesced and quit."

DeVeaux: “It hurt. I had nobody else to go to. I spoke to the CEO. I spoke to the general counsel
and senior human resources director and none of them were willing to sit at a table and say, `How
can we make this better?’ I’m an example of what happens when you speak up.”

I should add that DeVeaux is a Latina and she believes her experience at the YMCA was partly
connected to her ethnicity.

DeVeaux: “I was told I was too direct and people like me could get terminated. I felt like people like
me look different. I look different. At one time, I was the highest minority in the executive interim
role at the YMCA. I’ve seen multiple minorities lose their jobs for no reason at all. The culture
doesn’t allow for minorities to survive."

Sources have told KPBS that around 25 executive directors and other
senior managers have resigned or been forced out of the YMCA in
recent years. More than half of them were bilingual minorities.

What does the YMCA say about what happened to DeVeaux?

Mottino board members referred my requests for comment to YMCA
headquarters in Mission Valley.

A YMCA spokeswoman there declined to respond to DeVeaux’s
allegations, saying it doesn’t speak publicly about personnel matters

Board disenchantment with the YMCA’s leadership also appears to be
on the rise. In the last year, 12 members, or about one-third of the
board at the Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA in Encinitas have left. Many
of them have said they are unhappy with how the organization is being
run. And they’ve said they are upset that the findings of last year’s
investigation were never made public other than to say there was no
illegal conduct. They view the investigation as an empty promise of

Several corporate board members overseeing the entire organization
have also left. I wanted to learn why but Corporate Board President
John Maguire did not respond to an interview request.
2014 form 990
Hooray for the YMCA! They finally put
a recent Form 990 on the Internet!
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Baron Herdelin-Doherty,
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YMCA of San Diego County
Baron Herdelin-Doherty
Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Financial Officer

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Chief Operating Officer

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Senior Vice President
Chief Development Officer

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Senior Vice President
Chief Human Resources Officer

John Merritt
Senior Vice President
Chief Information Officer

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Senior Vice President
General Counsel

  YMCA of San Diego County
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YMCA of San Diego County
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  Dates Employed Aug 2009 – Jul 2016
Employment Duration 7 yrs
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  Senior Program Director
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  Dates Employed Jan 2004 – Aug 2009
Employment Duration 5 yrs 8 mos
  Location Norfolk, Virginia Area