[Note: The lawyer for Sweetwater Union School District and its
Ed Brand, was Daniel Shinoff of Stutz, Artiano, Shinoff &

$678,000 Worth of Wrongful Termination
From "Save Sweetwater" website

Mary Anne Weegar was the head of categorical programs for the Sweetwater Union
High School District until 1999. Categorical programs are programs and money
allocated for specific educational purposes by both the state and federal
governments. Sweetwater received over $2.5 million in categorical aid from the
Federal government and over $4.5 million from the state of California in fiscal year

There are stringent requirements on how categorical money can be used and Weegar
attempted to see that the money was spent properly. This was not appreciated by
those above her and her authority as watchdog over categorical spending was slowly
eroded. A computer whiz student aide who helped Weegar with her computers noticed
a form in the Superintendent’s part of the computer network called “Reacquiring of
categorical funds.”

When it was discovered that someone had accessed this part of the network, Weegar
was locked out of her office, forced to retire,and the young computer whiz was
accosted in the parking lot by a well known Sweetwater sociopath and threatened with
denial of graduation.

The young man’s father was a cop and soon straightened that out, but Weegar was
out of a job and soon filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the District.

The main witnesses called from the district were Superintendent Ed Brand and Chief
Financial Officer Barry Dragon.

Dragon was formerly with Arthur Anderson and when he was asked recently by a
concerned citizen what the Superintendent’s annual salary was, ($200,000), since no
one else at the District Office knew, he reacted as if the concerned citizen had
threatened to crash a plane into the District Office.

When reminded that he and the Superintendent were public servants and that their
salaries were from public funds, his venom and hostility subsided and he belatedly
divulged the evidently little known fact that Brand (at $200,000 per year) makes more
than the Governor of California ($175,000 per year).

When Brand testified, he stated that he had a vast and thorough knowledge of all of
Sweetwater’s policies and regulations, but when asked which policy gave him the
authority to lock Weegar out of her office, he sat slack-jawed and speechless for over
a minute and never could come up with any legal justification for locking out the 30
year veteran employee.

The District was eventually found guilty of wrongful termination and ordered to pay
Weegar $678,000. When asked to comment about the Weegar case at the August
26th Board Meeting, Brand stated that he couldn’t since it was under appeal and that
they were confident they would prevail.However if they appeal, they will have to pay
10% annual interest on the judgement when they ultimately lose. But its not their
money, so what do they care?

One can’t help but wonder, how many teachers could have been hired with $678,000?
How many classrooms could have been repaired for $678,000 dollars? How many
books and supplies could have been bought for $678,000. Evil and injustice always
has a price and the Mary Ann Weegar case is a good example.


Sometime in July, a bullet was fired through Weegar’s attorney’s office window. He
said the only case that it could have been related to was the Weegar case.

SD County
San Diego County
Office of Education -
Joint Powers
Schools and insurance
The California Court of Appeal reduced Weegar's
verdict amount to $5,000.

4th Appellate District Division 1

Weegar v. Sweetwater Union High School District
Case Number D041093

Description:        Reversed & remanded to trial court w/directions
Date:         03/12/2004
Status:        Final
Publication Status:        Signed Unpublished
Author:                 Aaron, Cynthia G.    
Participants:         McDonald, Alex C. (Concur)
                        Irion, Joan K. (Concur)
The Ethical Principal  


Gretchen Donndelinger,
Mary Anne Weegar,
Shirley Willadsen  

Leadership/Distributed Leadership  

Duration:  90 minutes

Saturday, 04/05/2008 10:30 AM - 12:00
PM Room: Canal E  


Principals are confronted with ethical
dilemmas daily. HOw do they know they
are using the best tolls to make good
decisions? What criteria do you use to
shoose the right path? How can
principals create an environment that
promotes ehtical behavior?  

Learning Objectives:  

*Participants will have a better
understanding of the dilemmas teachers
face on a daily basis.

*Participants will learn
how to choose when
values clash.

*Participants will learn to handle
unpredictable behavior.

*Participants will explore what is
right and wrong - how do you

*Participants will learn how to maintain a
neutral voice when everyone is yelling?

*Participants will learn how to choose the
correct reinforcement?

*Schools have formal, informal and the
hidden curriculem - how can you make
the school inclusive so everyone
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"...Universities should not assume that
students come to universities
understanding ethical principles and
how they are applied in academia..."
Mary Anne Weegar went to work for  
National University in San Diego
"...The behaviors that were judged the
most serious ethical violations
were...making derogatory remarks to
students about a colleague (92.6 %)..."
Ms. Weegar spoke in 2007 at the
72nd Annual Convention
The Association for Business
October 10-12, 2007
Washington, D.C.
...The media has recently brought to
the public’s attention many examples
of unethical behavior by
educators (i.e., public school
administrators, teachers, and
certificated staff) ... Teacher Education
Departments have debated their
responsibility in teaching ethics and
whether ethics is able to be taught...
Accreditation agencies such as the
National Council for the Accreditation
of Teacher Education (NCATE) require
colleges/universities to assess pre-
service teachers’ adherence to ethical
behavior standards before
recommending them for state
licensure... Despite efforts nationwide
to establish standards of professional
conduct for teachers, little has been
done to professionalize
public-school teaching...
"...a recent survey of 1652 companies
published in the annual 2001
Industry Report found that 24 percent
provided training on a regular basis,
17 percent provided
training on an as needed basis, and
38 percent provided no ethics training.
The percentage of
companies that provided training in
ethics suggest that the amount of
training that employees
receive is directly related to the value
that management places on
professional training, and they
are influenced by how strongly they
believe that ethical training will
increase corporate sales.
Hemingway and Maclagan (as cited in
Frisque et al., 2004) indicated that
ethical business
behavior, or lack thereof, is believed to
be an outgrowth of managers’
personal values. In 1994,
Dov L. Seidman, Chief Executive
Officer (CEO) of LRN, identified a need
in corporate America
to provide organizations with services
that create ethical corporate cultures
that promote selfregulation
based on core values, as opposed to
establishing a set of rules for
employees to follow..."
Here's what she said:
Mary Anne Weegar sued Sweetwater Union High
School District and was awarded $678,000 by a jury

Case reminiscent of the Pamela Settlegood case in Portland, Oregon
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