Risk Management
Diane Crosier, Executive Director
Phone: (858) 292-3747

This program offers protection
against both property and liability
losses. Liability claims are
investigated and adjusted by in
house staff. It provides members with
one of the broadest excess coverage
forms available in California.
Sub-programs include: Auto Physical
Damage, Boiler & Machinery, and
Main Frame Computer. Loss
prevention/control services are
funded and made available to
members via JPA staff and contract

Claim Reporting Forms
Surveys & Misc Forms
San Diego County Schools Risk
Management JPA
6401 Linda Vista Rd. Suite 505, San
Diego, CA 92111
Phone (858) 292-3776, Fax (858)

Rodger Hartnett, Claims Coordinator
- (858) 569-5428
Lisa Adriance-Jensen, Senior
Adjuster - (858) 569-5453
John Vincent, Senior Investigator -
(858) 569-4521

750 B St, Suite 2400, San Diego, CA
Corporate Phone (619) 231-1010
Toll Free (800) 421-6744, Fax (619)

Insurance Broker:
John Starich, ARM, CIC, Senior Vice
Direct Dial: (619) 525-2803, FAX:
(619) 525-1870

Service Contacts:
Terrie Carney, CPIW, CISR, AAI,
Account Manager
Direct Dial: (619) 525-2836, FAX:
(619) 525-1863

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downloaded 2/24/08

Diane Crosier
Executive Director  Risk
Management Administration

Kristie Mann
Administrative Assistant III  Risk
Management Administration (858)
Jutta Stange
Program Secretary  Risk Management
(858) 569-5374
Annette Morrison
Deferred Compensation Program
Assistant  Risk Management Deferred
(858) 292-3816

Dan Puplava
Program Manager  Risk
Management Deferred
Compensation (858) 292-3549
Sabrina Reesor
Clerk Typist II  Risk Management
Deferred Compensation
Penny Angel-Levy
EASE Program Manager  Risk
Management EASE
(858) 277-0063
Susan Baum
Claims Examiner  Risk Management
Employee Benefits
(858) 292-3542
Maggie Beauchamp
Fringe Benefits Program Manager  
Risk Management Employee Benefits
(858) 292-3773
Nancy Bernstorff
Benefits Analyst I  Risk Management
Employee Benefits
(858) 569-5367
Lydia Campos
Account Clerk III  Risk Management
Employee Benefits
(858) 292-3885
Victoria De La Torre
Benefits Analyst II  Risk Management
Employee Benefits
(858) 571-7212
Netta Dillon
Risk Managment Technician I  Risk
Management Employee Benefits
(858) 569-5361
Cheryl Edwards
Benefits Analyst II  Risk Management
Employee Benefits
(858) 292-3574
Tammy Morfey
Claims Examiner  Risk Management
Employee Benefits
(858) 292-3542
Vy Nguyen
Risk Management Analyst  Risk
Management Employee Benefits
(858) 569-5311
Agustin Quintana
Risk Management Technician III  Risk
Management Employee Benefits
(858) 292-3584
Maria Ramirez
Claims Examiner  Risk Management
Employee Benefits
(858) 292-3542
Linda Smith
Claims Specialist  Risk Management
Employee Benefits
(858) 569-5347
Brian Vivian
Benefits Consultant  Risk
Management Employee Benefits
(858) 571-7211
Valetta Witherell
Claims Examiner  Risk Management
Employee Benefits
(858) 292-3542
Dennis Sulzer
Loss Control Supervisor  Risk
Management Loss Control (858)
Lee Taylor-Austin
Loss Control Analyst  Risk
Management Loss Control
(858) 292-3769

Rodger Hartnett
Lawsuit for wrongful termination
Claims Coordinator  Risk
Management Property & Liability
(858) 569-5428

Lisa Jensen
Senior Claims Adjustor  Risk
Management Property & Liability
(858) 569-5453
Brandy Miller
Clerk Typist II  Risk Management
Property & Liability (858) 292-3776

Rick Rinear
Property & Liability Program
Manager  Risk Management
Property & Liability (858) 292-3871

Sandy Thompson
Program Secretary  Risk Management
Property & Liability (858) 569-5340
John Vincent
Senior Claims Investigator  Risk
Management Property & Liability (858)
Catherine Aguilar
Worker's Comp Program Manager  
Risk Management Worker's
Compensation (858) 571-7221
Mark Dow
Risk Management Technician II  Risk
Management Worker's Compensation
(858) 292-3862
San Diego County
School Districts

Alpine Union
Bonsall Union
Borrego Springs Unified
Cajon Valley Union
Cardiff Elementary
Carlsbad Unified
Chula Vista Elementary
Coronado Unified
Del Mar Union
Encinitas Union
Escondido Union
Escondido Union High
Fallbrook Union Elementary
Fallbrook Union High
Grossmont Union High
Jamul-Dulzura Union
Julian Union
Julian Union High
La Mesa-Spring Valley
Lakeside Union
Lemon Grove
Mountain Empire Unified
Oceanside Unified
Poway Unified
Ramona Unified
Rancho Santa Fe         San
Diego Unified
San Dieguito Union High
San Marcos Unified
San Pasqual Union
San Ysidro
Solana Beach
South Bay Union
Spencer Valley
Sweetwater Union High
Valley Center-Pauma Unified
Vista Unified
Warner Unified
As of May 31,
member districts

Advanced Institute for
Learning        Rodolfo (Paul)
Albert Einstein Academy
Charter Middle School        
Leslie Schreiner         
All Tribes Charter School        
Mary Ann Donohue    

Alpine Union        Rob
Audeo Charter School        
Lynne Alipio         
Barona Indian Charter
School        Edwin Romero        
Linda LaChappa
Bonsall Union        Tom
Krzmarzick        Justin
Borrego Springs Unified        
Carmen Garcia        Mark Lucas
Brawley Union High         Corey
Caston        Jennifer Layaye
Cajon Valley Union                 
Rebecca Williams
Cardiff        Sandie Luehrs        
Jill Vinson
Carlsbad Unified        Devin
Vodicka        Nancy Navarro
Charter School of San
Diego        Lynne Alipio         
Chula Vista Elementary        
Cathy Arana        Wendy Hunt
Classical Academy        
Cameron Curry   Sandra
Classical Academy High
School        Cameron Curry  
Sandra Reeve         
Coastal Academy Charter
School        Cameron Curry  
Sandra Reeve         
College Preparatory Middle
School          Christina Callaway

Coronado Unified        Randie
Allen, Jeff Felix        Lorraine
Darnall E-Campus Charter        
Leslie Dahab        Carol Hill
Dehesa        Tim Scheidt         
Del Mar  Union        Cathy
Birks        Margaret Mendenhall
El Centro ESD        Susan
Fitzpatrick        Robert Pletka
Encinitas Union        John
Escondido Charter High
School        Sheila Randle         
Escondido Union        Bob
Leon        Alicia Schlehuber
Escondido Union High        
Mike Simonson        Edward
Fallbrook Union
Elementary        Raymond
Proctor        Shelly Crow
Fallbrook Union High        
Wilson Hatcher        Jamie
Grossmont Union High        
Scott Patterson        Jim Kroviak
Guajome Learning
Centers        Cathy Murphy        
Bob Hampton
Guajome Park Academy        
Cathy Murphy         
Helix Charter High        Rani
Goyal        Daniel Menyon
Heritage K-8 Charter
School        Sheila Randle        
Terri Johnson
Imperial Unified        Bryan
Lisa Tabarez        Dawn Martin
Integrity Charter School        
Sandra Dominguez         
Jamul-Dulzura Union        Lisa
Davis        Nadine Bennett
Julian Union Elementary        C.
Kevin Ogden        Chad Leptich
Julian Union High        Kim
Dalton        David Schlottman
Lakeside Union        Kamran
La Mesa-Spring Valley        
David Yoshihara        Robyn
Adams, Betty Kirchhevel
Lemon Grove        Gina
MAAC Charter School        
Craig Fredrickson         
Mandarin Language
Academy        Sherrie
Egeskog        Olympia Kyriakidis
McCabe Union        Amanda
Brooke        Sandra Hendrix
MiraCosta Community
College        Joseph Mazza        
Sheri Wright
Mountain Empire Unified        
Steve Van Zant        CSEA
Rep. and META Rep.
National                 Chris Carson
North City West JPA        Mark
Risco Gladys Medina        
Leslie Fausset
Oceanside Unified                 
Luis Ibarra
Pacific View Charter
School        Sandra
Benson        Lori Bentley
Palomar Community
College        John
Tortarolo        Lucy Nelson
Ramona Unified        David
Rancho Santa Fe        Lindy
Delaney        Denise Stevenson
River Valley Charter
School        Cheryl Bloom         
River Springs Charter
School        Kathleen

San Diego County Office of
Educ.        Lora Duzyk        
Michele Fort-Merrill
San Dieguito Union High        
Eric R. Dill        Christina
San Marcos Unified        Gary
Hamels        Cecilia Aguirre
San Pasqual Union        
Rhonda Brown         Frank
San Pasqual Valley Unified        
Kish Curtis        Suzi Rourke
Santee        Minnie Malin        
Karl Christensen
San Ysidro        Dena
Whittington        Cesar Vega,
Sylvia Munoz
Solana Beach        Carlos
Estrella        Bill Banning
Spencer Valley        Julie
Weaver        No alternate
Steele Canyon Charter HS        
Eileen Poole        Jennifer Nerat
Sweetwater Union High        
Todd Torgerson        Dianne
Vallecitos        David Jones        
Patricia Bell
Valley Center-Pauma
Unified        Julie Kimball        
Lari Carr
Warner Unified        Ron
Koenig        Mark Stevens
Risk Management
JPA Executive
Committee members
May 31, 2012
Diane Crosier, Executive Director

MEMBER         PHONE / EMAIL / FAX         

Lakeside Union         (619) 390-2614
FAX: (619) 390-2564        Cathy Nevins
(619) 390-2613

(619) 258-2321
Fax (619) 258-2241        Evonn Avila
(619) 258-2320

DILL, Eric
San Dieguito UHSD        
(760) 753-6491 x5597
FAX:  (760) 943-3508

Joann Schultz
(760) 753-6491 x5541

SDCOE         (858) 292-3618
FAX: (858) 541-0697        Rosa
(858) 292-3617

San Marcos Unified        
Vice President         (760) 752-1210
FAX: (760) 591-0426        Cecilia Aguirre
(760) 752-1212

LUEHRS, Sandie
(760) 632-5890
FAX: (760) 942-5831        Martha Baily
(760) 632-5890

Grossmont Union High         (619)
FAX: (619) 465-6251        Catherine
(619) 664-8010

Fallbrook Union         (760) 731-5447
FAX: (760) 723-2507        Tina Vogt
(760) 731-5447

San Ysidro School District
(619) 428-4476 x3004
FAX:  (619) 428-9355    Patricia Caro
(619) 428-4476 x 3003

Board Secretary
Diane Crosier
Executive Director         (858) 292-3747
FAX: (858) 279-6236        
Rosa Torres
(858) 569-5320
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Education Report
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Shinoff bully booklet
Guajome Park Academy
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Conflict of Interest SIA

Shirk case

Peters v. GPA

VUSD v. Dr. B.J. Freeman

GPA is finally investigated
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Ethics in Education
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by SDCOE lawyers
Secrecy in schools (blog
San Diego Education
Report Blog
San Diego County Office of Education
Members and committees
Oversight committee members are no longer easily
discoverable on the SDCOE website

Some of those members don't even know that they are on the
committees, and they don't know when meetings are held.

Past members:
Secrecy at SDCOE-

SDCOE-JPA provides
legal defense for
school districts that
are sued--but keeps
districts in the dark
about what's going on
Oversight meetings occur rarely,
without contacting all member

Legal agency says cases are
By Ashly McGlone
UT San Diego
Jan. 30, 2015

school districts
are entitled to a
representative on the
governing board
of the
agency, some don’t take
advantage of it.

Several members of the
board contacted by the U-
T were
unaware they
were on it
, including the
superintendents for the
Coronado, La Mesa-
Spring Valley, San
Pasqual, Vallecitos and
Jamul-Dulzura districts,
and the associate
superintendent at
Encinitas Union.

Coronado Superintendent
Jeffrey Felix said he was

unaware the board held
one of its rare meetings
last month.

And Frank Gomez of San Pasqual
Union School District was listed
on the agency’s web site as of
Friday as an alternate board
member even though he died in

Districts also don’t possess or
track legal bills for work on their
behalf by the JPA, instead
delegating bill oversight to the
agency’s staff...
SDCOE Fringe Benefit Consortium (FBC) members as of Jan. 31, 2015

FBC Membership
Advanced Institute for Learning        Jarom Luedtke         
Alpine Union School District        Rob Turner        Tom Pellegrino
Audeo Charter School        Lynne Alipio         
Banning Unified District        Christine Wallace         
Beaumont Unified District        Carol Severns         Carmen Meza
Bonsall Unified School District        Tom Krzmarzick        Justin Cunningham
Borrego Springs Unified School District        Martha Deichler         
Brawley Elementary School Distict        Roberto Moreno        Leslie Marshall
Brawley Union High School District        Corey Caston        Jennifer Layaye
Cajon Valley Union School District        Rebecca Williams        Louise Gibson
Cardiff School District        Sandie Luehrs
Trish d'Entremont        Jill Vinson
Courtney Jasper
Carlsbad Unified School District        Richard Grove        Suzanne O'Connell
Charter School of San Diego        Lynne Alipio         
Chula Vista Elementary District        Susan Fahle        Cathy Arana, Patricia Eaton
Classical Academy Charter School        Cameron Curry        Sandra Reeve
Classical Academy High School        Cameron Curry        Sandra Reeve
Coastal Academy        Cameron Curry        Sandra Reeve
Coronado Unified School District        Keith Butler        Jeffrey Felix
Corona-Norco Unified        Sherry Mata        Terri Burger
Darnall E-Campus Charter School        Josh Stepner        Carol Hill
Dehesa School District        Janet Wilson        Lori Wigg
Del Mar Union School District        Scott Wooden        Holly McClurg
Desert Sands Unified School District        Cindy McDaniel         
El Centro Elementary School District        Susan Fitzpatrick        Robert Pletka
Encinitas Union School District        John Britt         
Escondido Union School District        Kevin Rubow        Amy Lawton
Escondido Charter High        Sheila Randle        Terri Johnson
Escondido Union High School District        Mike Simonson        Steve Boyle
Fallbrook Union Elementary District        Dennis Bixler        Ray Proctor, Shelly Crow
Fallbrook Union High School District        Wilson Hatcher        Colleen Durfos
Grossmont Union High School District        Scott Patterson        Debra Bryant
Grossmont-Cuyamaca CC        Sue Rearic         
Guajome Park Academy        Dawn Voss         
Helix Charter School        Michael Lewis        Brian Kick
Daniel Menyon
Hemet Unified School District        LaFaye Platter         
Heritage K-8 Charter School        Sheila Randle        Terri Johnson
Holtville Unified School District        Jon LeDoux        John Paul Wells
Imperial Unified School District        Lisa Tabarez
Bryan Thomason        Dawn Martin
Jamul-Dulzura Union School District        Lisa Davis        Nadine Bennett
Julian Charter School        Cameron Byrd         
Julian Union School District        C. Kevin Ogden        Chad Leptich
Julian Union High School District        Kristin Armatis
      David Schlottman
Jurupa Unified School District        Elizabeth Connors        Karen Russell
Lakeside Union School District        Kamran Azimzadeh         
​Laurel Preparatory Academy
      ​Lynne Alipio         ​
La Mesa-Spring Valley School District        Brian Marshall        
Lemon Grove School District        Ernie Anastos        Gina Potter
Literacy First Charter        Jerry Keough         
Los Angeles County Office of Education        Darren McDuffie
      Marilyn Maltby
McCabe Union Elementary School District        Arlyn Atadero         Amanda Brooke
Menifee Union School District        Robert Wolfe         
Mirus Secondary Charter        Lynne Alipio         
MiraCosta Community College        Sheri Wright
Carolyn Sneary         
Mountain Empire Unified School District        Enriqueta Luquin
Kathy Granger        CSEA Rep., META Rep.
National School District                 Chris Carson
Nuview Union School District        Dolores Sherwood         
Oceanside Unified School District                  
Ontario-Montclair School District        Phil Hillman        Maria Martinez
Pacific View Charter        Sandra Benson        Lori Bentley
Palm Springs Unified School District        Curtis Stephan         
Palomar Community College        John Tortarolo        Lucy Nelson
Perris Elementary School District        Barbara Goodell         
Poway Unified School District        William Chiment        Donald Phillips
John Collins
Ramona Unified School District                 David Ostermann
Rancho Santa Fe School District        Lindy Delaney        Roya Saadat
River Springs Charter School        Kathleen Hermsmeyer         
Riverside County Office of Education        Kenneth Young         
Riverside Unified School District        Michael H. Fine         
San Diego Community College District                 Ursula Salbato
San Diego County Office of Education        Lora Duzyk        Michele Fort-Merrill
San Dieguito Union High School District        Eric R. Dill         Torrie Norton
San Marcos Unified School District        Gary Hamels        Cecilia Aguirre
San Pasqual Union School District        Cecelia Bostrom        Rhonda Brown
San Pasqual Valley Unified School District        Kish Curtis        Suzi Rourke
San Ysidro School District        Dena Whittington        Marco Guajardo
​Santee School District        ​Karl Christensen        ​Tim Larson
Seeley Union School District        Ruben Castro        Erin Garcia, Lola Larios
SIA Tech Academy        Tom Renner        Tracy Brown
Solana Beach School District        Bill Banning
Carlos Estrella        Susan Jensen
South Bay Union School District                 Arlene Mitchell
Southwestern Community College        Jackie Osborne        Fusako Yokotobi
Spencer Valley School District        Julie Weaver         
Steele Canyon Charter High School        Don Hohimer        Jennifer Nerat
Sweetwater Union High School District        Karen Michel
       Todd Torgerson
Temecula Valley Unified School District        Debbie Jones, Jeffrey Okun         
Vallecitos School District        David Jones        
Valley Center-Pauma Unified District        Julie Kimball        Mark Garner
Vista Unified School District        Myrna Vallely        Pam Hayden
Warner Unified School District        Melissa Brown        
Westmorland Union School District        Mona Smith        Nancy Johnson
See Joint Powers Authority