February 2007
Richard Werlin goes up north for a
short time but
causes lots of trouble.

Lowell Billings, did you tell the truth
about Werlin to Superintendent Bruce
Harter when he hired Werlin?

You're sort of the George Tenet of
education, aren't you, Mr. Billings?
June 2007 California Supreme Court Decision
CTA allows rules and laws to be broken California teachers who are law abiding and excellent
teachers.  But when a
child abuser is a pal of CTA leaders, CTA frequently gives support.
San Diego Education Report
San Diego Education
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Castle Park Elementary School in Chula Vista once again has a PTA

The Parent Teacher Association was revived in 2010.  The organization was disbanded in 2005  
because a group of teachers and a few parents used it for the purpose of wielding power over the
principal and the district and spreading disinformation in the press.  Also,
$20,000 was embezzled
by the parent chosen as PTA president by the "Castle Park Family."
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