This Complaint is about

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan
2101 East Jefferson ST
Rockville, Maryland 20849

I have been a member of Kaiser Permanente for almost past 6 years.

I did apply Auto-pay online payment months ago and had to wait 90 days to be
activated but after 3 month still online pay wasn't working since I was rely to
them I thought the payment would go thru just fine but it didn't and they
terminate my plan due to not receiving payment for one month! Yes this is the
truth and I only found out about it after I made a phone call to make an
appointment. so I pay my dues and was looking for a better insurance which
there are plenty out there and KP is just medium quality insurance provider
compare to others since you only have to use their facility and their selected

I called the insurance agent to find me a good insurance the agent required me
to get a termination letter from my former insurance provider so I would be able
to apply for new insurance company so I called customer service 3 to 5 time so
they finally had faxed me the letter and indicated me my insurance has been
terminated by end of August!!!!!

So after I called customer service The lady over the phone told me in order to
reinstate you have to wait at least till Dec so I looked for another insurance
provider since I hate to stay without insurance to protect my health. However I
received a payment of describes exactly as below

ENROLLMENT 09/24/2014 $305.96
ENROLLMENT 09/24/2014 $305.96
ENROLLMENT 09/24/2014 $305.96
Total Now Due $917.85

I called customer service she explained this is my dues and I have to pay this
amount whether you have used it or not! what the hell! how I have three unpaid
payments and my account is still active but normally KP will terminate plans
after not receiving one sinlge payment. I feel they were trying to rip me off as
much as they could! So I mentioned I have the fax you have sent me regarding
termination of my policy why do I get charge again since my account was
terminated and I wasn't able to go see the doctors due to not receiving
payment! The lady at customer service when I spoke to her over the phone on
Nov the 3th she hung up on me I assume she had no answer regarding these
multiple charges,Seriously If I cannot use their service how they allow
themselves to charge me and send me bill I just do not understand this. These
crooks love money and do any dirty and dishonest work in order to earn my
hard earning money!

I will continue to fight with them regarding these charges I will spread the word
and leave KP a review on google as well as BBB and
regarding this fraud and I will want everyone know about it and recommend
everyone to stay away from these people! Their customer service is rude and
totally unprofessional and there is no way you can get in touch and meet up
with someone in person! I warn you again to STAY FAR A W A Y!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Armin B
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