Vatican rejects Irish criticism over child sex abuse by priests
September 03, 2011
CNN Wire Staff

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny accused the Vatican of trying to hinder a child sex
abuse inquiry for its own benefit.

The Vatican has rejected criticism that church leaders sought to cover up
extensive abuse of young people by priests in Ireland, in a lengthy statement sent
to the Irish government Saturday.

The Vatican response follows a biting attack by Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny in
the wake of the Cloyne report, published in July, which investigated abuses in the
diocese of Cloyne, near the southern city of Cork.

Addressing lawmakers, Kenny claimed the report exposed the Vatican as trying to
hinder an inquiry into child sex abuse for its own benefit and said it revealed the
"dysfunction, the disconnection, the elitism that dominate the culture of the Vatican
to this day."

Irish lawmakers then passed a motion deploring "the Vatican's intervention which
contributed to the undermining of the child protection framework and guidelines of
the Irish State and the Irish Bishops."

Tthe Vatican responded to the criticism by Kenny and other Irish lawmakers by
recalling its envoy to Ireland, Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza.

Saturday's 25-page statement is the latest development in a row that has seen an
unprecedented rift open up between the Vatican and Ireland, a heavily Roman
Catholic country...
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