"The bottom line, though, is that we need everyone to honor the union code.  This means
that we exercise message discipline; no matter what, but especially when your union
leadership is under attack, each member delivers the same message to anyone outside the
--Tracey Shore, CTA

Link: G. Cole Davis letter to San Diego Union Tribune
Feb 4, 2005

"Outside the union" is interpreted by CTA to mean "outside the union POWER STRUCTURE."

CTA claims to be democratic, but members are not allowed to criticize their leaders, EVEN
WHEN those leaders commit misdemeanors, felonies and other violations of law and

Perhaps it would be more correct to say "...ESPECIALLY WHEN those leaders violate the
Link: Joyce Abrams and PERB:
An Odd Relationship
California Teachers
Association lawyers
Beverly Tucker and
Michael Hersh have
aided and abetted the
illegal actions Gina Boyd
and Jim Groth.
Irony is alive and well:
(Or is it gall?)
Defamation lawsuit
against this website by
Chula Vista Elem. Sch.
District lawyers
Tim O'Neill's letter
refusing to allow
Larkins to address
the CVE Rep Council
or Board of Directors
Gina Boyd, Jim Groth and Tim O'Neill were able to count on the members of the CVE Board of
Directors to help cover up their illegal actions.  

The CVE Directors, even though they had been personally informed about the true situation by
Maura Larkins, refused to allow Maura Larkins to address either the Representative Council or
the Board of Directors, as was Larkins' right according to the By-Laws of CVE, and as
requested by Maura Larkins.
Chula Vista teacher Stephenie Parker-Pettit claimed to be unable to sit
for a deposition in either the summer or fall of 2004.  But she had time
to talk to a
reporter from La Prensa.
More Documents from the CTA/CVE cover-up of wrongdoing
by politically-connected teachers against a member in the
Maura Larkins case
Click here for  Stephenie
Parker-Pettit and Peggie
Myers media quotes; also
(former) CVE President Gina
Boyd's quotes to the media
in 2004
How does one get elected to CVE office?

First of all, you don't ask too many questions about illegal activities.  If you do, then CVE and
CTA leaders can't trust you, can they?

Second, you have to have Jim Groth's support.  To get it, you have to agree not to criticize
wrongdoing.  Monica Sorenson kept her mouth shut for four years.

Then Monica Sorenson became Vice President of CVE in 2007.  As a lawyer, she risked more
than the other CVE directors when she kept her mouth shut about crimes committed by CVE.  
She could conceivably lose her license to practice law if the California Bar Association were
ever to demand that lawyers not suborn perjury and commit crimes on behalf of powerful
organizations like CTA.  But that doesn't seem likely to happen.  So Monica felt safe, along
with CTA chief counsel
Beverly Tucker and her subordinate, Michael Hersh, who clearly feel
that the law profession, particularly when it is combined with political power, is untouchable.
Link to Ann Smith March
2006 letter re refusal to
Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How Is Corruption Maintained in an
Organization like Chula Vista Educators?

An Open Letter to Peggie Myers, who was recently
elected to the National Education Association’s
Representative Assembly

It appears that Jim Groth is grooming you for a
leadership role in the corrupt teacher organization he
hopes to maintain in Chula Vista. It is a shame that this
influence has been exported to the NEA-RA. Obviously,
you got votes based on your notoriety as one of the
“Castle Park Five.” But you wouldn’t have received all
those votes if the truth were widely known about you and
Jim Groth. The two of you have so far succeeded in
covering up the wrongdoing—including criminal actions—
of teachers at Castle Park Elementary.

But how long do you think you can keep the truth
covered up? I think you’ve got a few more months at
most. After all, there’s a school board election in Chula
Vista this fall. That will inevitably bring about a
discussion about what happened at Castle Park. Don
Sevrens likes to think he had the last word about Castle
Park Elementary on May 25, but when he spread the
Castle Park story all over the Union Tribune, he made it
newsworthy beyond the Union Tribune. He can not
silence further discussion of the story he brought, with
your help, to the attention of the public.
Maura Larkins


In the above letter, I was right about Jim Groth grooming
Peggy Myers (see board member list at right).
But I was wrong about the CVESD election bringing up a
discussion of what happened at Castle Park.  The board
incumbents managed to shield the truth from the voters.  
Still, I doubt that Peggie Myers and the board can hide
the truth forever.
--Maura Larkins
Workshops Saturday, 10/27/07, 8:30 am to 11:
15 am
The Art of Bargaining vs. Paint by Numbers

Mary Ellen Berumen,
Regional UniServ Staff -
South County Teachers United UniServ
Alva Rivera, Regional UniServ Staff , NOD - San
Marcos RRC

Negotiating is more than just looking at the
numbers. Prioritizing and looking for the win-win
is what it’s all about. Topics and discussions will
include road blocks and how to maneuver
around them, options and how to evaluate them,
and the source of power at the table and how to
use it. Participants will analyze contract
language, look for ways to improve their own
contract, and have time to share strategies,
ideas, and resources. Participants should bring
a copy of their contract...
DISTRICT: Approval.

The California Teachers Association has asked
the Ocean View School District to enter into an
agreement regarding the employment of Mary
Ellen Berumen, Teacher, Mesa View Middle
School, as a Staff Intern from August 28, 2002,
until December 13, 2002. The CTA will reimburse
the District the amount of Ms. Berumen’s salary
and benefits during her leave of absence.
CCA Briefly
Berumen, CCA Staff Consultant in ...
Remaining Issues and Last Offer by each Party

Issue                         Last CVE Proposal                                     Last District Offer

Wages     Salary Increase - 8.3%                                  Salary Increase 5.5%
Add three per diem staff development days to the
salary schedule—amounts to an additional 1.62%
salary schedule increase

Health     Increase CAP to $7,847.64                            Maintain CAP at $7,509.70

Increase retiree CAP to $3,923.82                Maintain retiree CAP at $3,778.10
Direct one-time Mandated Cost monies to
employees with family coverage--estimated
$2,000 per family

Increase staffing ratio for nurses   

Composition of site interview committee   
Interview transfers first and
submission of narrative   

CVE President
District fund salary and benefits
for CVE President   

Professional Rights and Responsibilities
Create new article and language on
teacher professional rights and responsibilities   

Bargaining Team Members in Attendance


Yolanda Abrenica Jon Harms Cathy Arana Jorge Mora

Mary Ellen Berumen Niki Morehead Tom Cruz Jack Parham

Barbara Dunwoodie Tasia Padilla Susan Fahle David Wallace

Jim Groth Susan Skala Debra McLaren
retrieve=SHoOVsz0FbOo03WzR9RH57ip3ydrGyrItqY4lzC3BK+jgjY5k+5F9KEGW... -
< < <  Why on earth should
taxpayers pay for a union leader's
salary and benefits???

Tentative Agreement

Traditional and Year-round calendars for 2007-08 school year.

Conceptual Agreement/Understanding

A teacher shall not be required to relocate to a different classroom two consecutive years.
An employee must render 10 years of continuous, benefit-eligible service in the District to be eligible for retirement benefits through
age 65.
No mandatory staff or professional development meetings shall be conducted during parent conference weeks.
During the five teacher workdays without students, one half of the time shall be reserved for teacher instructional preparation or
One minimum day per month shall be reserved for teacher planning time.
Sick Leave language revision to align with Education Code and District practice.
The District shall provide the reasons that a transfer request was denied upon written request.
Open positions shall be posted one specific day each week.  The specified day shall be established at the beginning of the year.
Half-time employment benefits prorated on FTE basis.
Catastrophic Leave language revised to include contract language.
New article and language for BTSA.
No. 6 November 21, 2008

The District and CVE resumed negotiations on Friday, November
21, 2008

..Additional VEBA costs that would reduce funds available for
salary increase--CVE responded that their members understood.

• After a caucus period, the District invited CVE to jointly file for
impasse to bring in a neutral third party to help resolve the
calendar, job descriptions, and health benefits while continuing
to negotiate on all other items.

• CVE initially agreed the parties were at impasse on participation
in VEBA and job descriptions, and requested another caucus.

• Following the caucus, CVE declined to jointly declare an
impasse and further stated that the parties were not at impasse
on any issue.

Future negotiations are scheduled for December 2, 2008, and
January 15, 2009.

Bargaining Team Members in

CVE BARGAINING TEAM                    

Susan Skala                                        
Barbara Dunwoodie                            
Peg Myers                                            
Kathleen Fernandez   
Carla Kriss      
Mary Ellen Berumen    


Sandra Villegas-Zuñiga
Peter  Fagen
Tom Cruz
Leonard Hernandez
Gloria McKearney
Susan Fahle
Diana Godfrey

Prepared by Human Resources Services &
Support November 21, 2008
Bargaining Team Members in Attendance


Mary Ellen Berumen
Peg Myers                                     Peter Fagen
Barbara Dunwoodie                   Sandra
Susan Skala                                  Susan Fahle
Kathleen Fernandez                  Diana Godfrey
Carla Kriss                                   Gloria McKearney


Carla Kriss      
Prepared by Human Resources Services &
September 29, 2008
CVE keeps teachers ignorant

Under Peg Myers and Jim Groth, CVE endorsed Pat Judd instead of Russell Coronado in 2008.

Blindly obedient teachers voted as they were told.
"I thought Russell Coronado was a businessman"
--CVESD teacher May 2010

In fact, Mr. Coronado is an educator.  

For many years the teachers union was deeply antagonistic toward Mr. Coronado's 2008 opponent Pat Judd, but
that all changed when the union and Mr. Judd got deeply involved in illegal actions starting in about 2001.  After
that, the union supported Judd, apparently because they knew he would support the cover-up of teacher-initiated
Link: Joyce Abrams and
An Odd Relationship
Link: Letter to CTA Attorney
Michael D. Hersh regarding
denial of records requests
Former CVE President Gina
Boyd claims she "lost" or
"misplaced" her notes of
crucial meetings.
Current CVE President Jim Groth put pressure on Board of Directors member Joyce Abrams
(according to her own statements) not to speak out about tactics used by CVE (Chula Vista

Joyce Abrams now dutifully helps to cover up CVE's criminal actions. She says, "It would be
worse if there were no union at all." I agree, but it sounds like just about any other union
would be better.

Is Ms. Abrams implying that CVE might cease to exist if the truth were told, and if CVE were
forced to follow the law?  It seems highly unlikely that she could believe anything so silly.
The simple truth is that the current group of power holders might not be able to keep
control of CVE if the truth were told, and might not have won the 2001, 2003 and 2005
CVE elections if the truth had been told then.

The school district has done a better job than the teachers union of getting rid of corrupt
and incompetent leaders.  Administrators Libby Gil, Rick Werlin and Gretchen Donndelinger
were pushed out of their positions, yet Gina Boyd, Jim Groth and the board of CVE have
held on to power.
CVE President Jim Groth and Director Joyce Abrams
CVE Bargaining team
April 18, 2012

Mary Ellen Berumen

Chris Fite

Carla Kriss

Becky Michel

Peg Myers*

Susan Skala

District team:

Peter Fagen
Gloria Ciriza
Oscar Esquivel
Leonard Hernandez
John Nelson
Janet Unson
CVE Bargaining team
Nov. 1, 2012

Mary Ellen Berumen

Chris Fite

Carla Kriss

Becky Michel

Jennefer Porch*

Susan Skala

District team:

Peter Fagen
Gloria Ciriza
Oscar Esquivel
Leonard Hernandez
John Nelson
Janet Unson
Sandra Villegas-Zuniga*
(The person who hired Peg
Myers from the opposing
Union Code of Conduct

(This seems to be a slap at
Peg Myers, who came to
office on a wave of negative
energy originating at her
former school,
Castle Park
Elementary.  It appeared on
the CVE website after Peg
Myers resigned in mid-term as
CVE president to take a job as
administrator.  Why on earth
would she do that?  Rumor
has it that she was caught in
some kind of scam.  So
naturally she's just the type of
person the district wants in
its Human Resources

It's a list of common--but
regretable--behaviors of teachers
and other human beings.  
Obviously, by highlighting this list,
CVE is trying to limit the damage
done by teachers sabotaging
each other--and each other's
students.  But in order to actualy
make the statements true, the
words "unless it is to my personal
political advantage" should be
attached to each.)

I will not criticize a colleague
except directly to that

If a colleague is being
criticized in my presence, I
will ask that it stop.

I will not willingly participate
in any conversation with
management that criticizes
or negatively speculates
about a union colleague.

I will engage in debate, offer
others the opportunity for
debate and respect minority
view points.

I will support the majority
decision of my union.
Bargaining Teams
Former Vice President (until 2009) Monica Sorenson
Monica Sorenson* is a former lawyer who helped Jim Groth, Peggie Myers and Gina Boyd
cover up crimes by
Castle Park Elementary teachers and CVESD.  She resigned in May 2009
to become a principal.  Tim Kriss won this position in 2009.
*Was this author's 2004 question about teacher/attorney
Monica Sorenson answered in 2007?
No. 7  
November 14, 2013
...The parties discussed the Common Core State
Standards/College and Career Ready Standards. CVE
asked about the rollout plans for the CCSS implementation
that included technology, professional development and
materials. The District summarized the information from the
first public hearing held on November 13, 2013 on the
Common Core State Standards
Spending Plan.  CVE was informed that a second hearing
would be held on December 11, 2013.

Bargaining Team Members in Attendance


Manuel Yvellez

Mary Ellen Berumen
Liz Hutson
Barbara Dunwoodie

Carla Kriss

Chris Fite
Michelle Harms


Peter Fagen
[Attorney  Fagen,
Friedman Fulfrost]

Gloria Ciriza
Oscar Esquivel
Jose Pinell
Ernesto Villanueva
John Nelson

Sandra Villegas-Zúñiga*
[The person who hired
Peg Myers from the
opposing team!]
Prepared by Human Resources Services & Support
November 14, 2013
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Vista Educators
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